If your ceremony is in the same location as your reception, we are available to assist you with any sound support that you might need. We can play any songs that you’d like, as well as provide you with different styles of microphones. Please know that any use of our staff or equipment must fall within the performance times listed on your agreement.

The first thing to determine would be the distance from where you want us set up for the reception to where you would want sound at the ceremony. This distance will determine which of our options will work best for you. We also recommend that you speak with the venue manager to see what has worked well for them in the past. They can make a recommendation based on their experience with past events.

Option A – The ceremony is in the same exact room as the reception. We can set up our sound system for the reception and not move any equipment to provide sound for the ceremony. There is no additional charge for this option.

Option B – The ceremony is in an adjacent room or somewhat near to where you have us set up for the reception. We will set up our system for the reception, but we can place a speaker up to 80 feet away for the ceremony. There is no additional charge for this option.

Option C – The ceremony is in another room or at any distance from the reception, but is still on the same property and the venue has their own sound system. We will use a tablet or laptop and patch into their system. Their system must have RCA inputs and we are not responsible for the functionality of the house sound system. There is no additional charge for this option.

Option D – The ceremony is greater than 80 feet from the reception and requires a separate sound system with one speaker. Select this option if you have 180 guests or less, there is minimal or no ambient background noise, and you have just 3-4 songs that you would like to have played. We will use a portable PA or a single powered speaker for this option. There is a $125 additional charge for this option.

Option E – The ceremony is greater than 80 feet from the reception and requires our FULL sound system with two speakers. Select this option if you have more than 180 guests, there is loud background noise (i.e. highway noise, waterfall, other groups, etc.), or if you have an involved program with 5 or more songs. We will provide a separate roadie for this option that will assist the DJ in setting up our sound system for the ceremony, and then quickly break it down, move it, and set it up again for the reception. The time during this process usually takes about 10-15 minutes, but will depend on the distance between the ceremony and reception, and any other obstacles that may hinder us in doing this swiftly. If we charged you a travel fee for your event, there we’ll have an additional travel fee for this second staff member equal to 50% of your initial travel fee. There is a $225 additional charge for this option.


If our primary sound system is being used for your ceremony (either with a stretched speaker, or with the dual setup), you will have full access to our wireless microphone provided that it is within range. If you have a need for additional microphones, we can provide an additional handheld microphone at a cost of $50, or a lavalier/lapel microphone for you at a cost of $75. If you need more than two microphones total, then you will also need a microphone mixer at a cost of $50.

At any time, if the DJ will not have a direct line of sight to the ceremony, we will need the help from one person on your end to help with cues and volume levels. An usher is usually ideal for this role. It would also be extremely helpful to have a written script of the ceremony. This script should indicate what songs to play, in what order, how much of the song to play, and the out-cue from the priest or minister as an indication of when to start the song. We understand the importance of your ceremony and the integration of music and certain meaningful songs. We would love to help in any way that we can.