dj for weddingsWeddings are our specialty! We have done thousands of them in the over thirty years that we have been in business. Not every DJ is good at executing a complex wedding format. It takes a special understanding to make things flow smoothly and to understand the special needs of the bride and groom. It is important that the DJ keeps the bride and groom (or wedding planner) informed, but not become a pest. You want to keep things moving quickly, but not so much that the bride and groom feel like they’re being rushed through it all. If the DJ does not take the lead and get to the next itinerary item, you’ll find that the evening will drag, you will have guests leave early, and you’ll get to the end of the night and feel like you didn’t have hardly any time to dance and have fun.

A good wedding disc-jockey also needs to be extremely flexible. At any time, the smallest issue can throw a wrench in the plans, and a good DJ needs to know how to adjust. You don’t announce the toast for the bride and groom without first making sure the best man is in the room. If you come out of a song, announce the toast, but then spend five minutes looking for the person that is going to MAKE the toast, it is extremely unprofessional. Another key is that the DJ must be in constant contact with the photographer. You are paying a lot of money for a photographer’s services and the pictures that you are going to have for a lifetime, so it is critical that the DJ communicates to the photographer what is happening next and make sure he is prepared. You don’t want to make that special announcement and introduce the grandparent’s special 55th anniversary dance, have some tears shed, and THEN realize that the photographer was changing his film.

The typical wedding client will call us 7-8 months in advance of their wedding. We will immediately send them a no-obligation packet of information. If they should decide to book us, we ask for them to sign the enclosed agreement and return that with their deposit. Then, about a month prior to their reception, we ask for them to return our request and format worksheet, which specifies the music that they would like for us to play and lays out the itinerary for the evening. Having this information a month in advance is helpful in assembling the music and reviewing the details with the actual disc-jockey that will be working your event. On the week of your wedding, usually on a Monday evening, the disc-jockey will then call you to go over any last minute details. He will review the performance times, his arrival time, the location, the balance due, and key songs. Throughout this entire process, you are welcome to call us or meet with us in person with any questions or uncertanties you may have. Our disc-jockeys typically have a full time job that they work during the week, and they usually just work for us on the weekend, which would make it very difficult to get the help you are seeking directly from the disc-jockey. That is what we’re here for! We always answer our phone during business hours and have a full office just north of the airport.

Feel free to peruse the sub-menus above under weddings for help with your itinerary, assistance in selecting some of your key dance songs, as well as some proven wedding vendors that we have worked with in the past.

Congratulations on your engagement!