Dj school danceAt Cutting Edge Entertainment we understand the often-difficult balance of DJing a school dance. On the one hand, we want the kids to hear the music that they’d like so they have a good time and stay at the event longer, but we also understand and respect the parents’ and teachers’ desire to have no suggestive or obscene music lyrics. We feel that we’ve mastered this balance and have had many successful school dances!

We also work hard at relating with kids, from teenagers to tweens, and younger children as well. We feel that is most effective to speak on their level, without talking down to them. They really appreciate that, and are more apt to open up to the DJ, make requests, and really get into the event.

Safety is also a big concern for us. All of our DJs have undergone background and sex-offender checks, so you can feel confident on our staff working so closely with your kids. We also constantly scan the crowd to make sure that kids are being safe and not lifting each other up on shoulders, dancing on tables, moshing, or slam-dancing.

The size of your event is never a problem. We’ve most recently done proms with as many as 700-800 guests, as well as smaller schools where there are less than a hundred. Just some of the schools that we’ve provided service for include Clemens, Nixon-Smiley, Steele, La Vernia, Marion, East Central, and Incarnate Word High School.