professional DJ lights

Basic Lighting Unit

Our DJ service does come included with a single basic lighting unit. The different colored lights move in a swirling fashion to the beat of the music either on the dance floor or the ceiling. The beams of light are visible in the air when coupled with our fog effect. A single lighting unit is adequate for most formal events with 100 guests or less because it adds a bit of atmosphere once the dancing portion of your event begins, without taking away from the class and elegance that you’re trying to create in the room. You can add on an additional lighting unit for $50 or upgrade to our Gigbar (below) for $100 more.

dj lighting unit

Gigbar Lighting Unit

If you would prefer a little more advanced lighting, we can provide you with our “Gigbar”, which is a single bar of lights with two pars, two derby effects, four white strobes, and a laser light, all in one unit.  This effect comes included (and is most effective) with a haze effect, but be sure to check with your venue first to see if haze is allowed. The additional cost to upgrade to a Gigbar is $100.

Chauvet Gigbar     Gigbar    

Advanced Lighting

We can also provide you with a much more advanced lighting package if you’d like. Par cans, pin spots, strobes, LED lights, intelligent lighting, and other different effects are all available. These packages are custom built based on the client’s vision and needs and can range in price anywhere from $200 to $1800.
advanced DJ lighting package


Uplighting is always a popular choice to add ambiance to a room, especially ones with bare walls or very little décor. We have 3 different types of uplights that are very strong, energy-efficient lights. They can be linked together in a master/slave configuration so they all operate together. You have the option to set them to one static color, shift abruptly through a color pattern, or fade gently through a color pattern. They can even flash in tempo with the music for dancing later on in the evening.


     DJ uplighting

Customized Gobo

The word “Gobo” stands for “Goes Before Optics” and is simply a physical template attached to a lighting source and is used to control the shape of emitted light. These are very popular at weddings and corporate events as you can customize a monogram, initials, a couple’s names, or even a company logo and have that project down to a dance floor, or up to a wall. Our cost for the custom-made gobo design and projector rental is $195. Click here for a listing of available GOBO designs.

Gobo     Goes Before Optics     

Dancing on the Clouds

Nimbus is an event-ready dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. This can create a great wow moment for your grand entrances and first dance.


Cold Sparks

Cold Sparks can look incredible for a grand entrance, first dance, or final exit. Since they burn at 62 degrees Fahrenheit, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. We have the ability to control the height and duration of the spark fountains with the unit’s technician utilizing a special control box. The sparks generated by the units produce no smoke, do not cause any smell and are completely non-toxic. The units are controlled by a professional trained Cutting-Edge Entertainment employee that has undergone safety training for this operation.


Music Editing

If you have a need to create a certain collaboration of songs, either by “dry-cutting” or by “mixing” different songs together, we can help! If you have a simple early fade out, or a mix of a couple of songs with at least a minute between the transition, your disc-jockey can do that on the spot. However, if you have several song segments that you would like edited together, this would need to be done in advance. A mix is created and then the disc-jockey would just play the pre-created mix, and we can send the mix to you in advance in case you need to practice any dance moves. The price on our studio/editing time is $25 per half hour.

Haze Machine

We have a haze machine to accompany our lighting effects. If you upgrade the lighting to our Gigbar light, this machine is included. The haze enhances the lighting visuals and especially helps to see the lasers that project from our Gigbar. Please be sure that a haze machine is permitted at your venue before renting.

Fog Machine

We have a standard fog machine to accompany our lighting effects. Please be sure to check with your facility and make sure that a fog machine is permitted in the room before renting. The cost for a fog machine is $50
Haze Machine

Confetti Canon

If you’re looking for a bright and colorful wow moment, ask us about our confetti machine for your next party.