Uplighting is always a popular choice to add ambiance to a room, especially ones with bare walls or very little décor. We have 4 different types of uplights that are very strong, energy-efficient lights. They can be linked together in a master/slave configuration so they all operate together. You have the option to set them to one static color, shift abruptly through a color pattern, or fade gently through a color pattern. They can even flash in tempo with the music for dancing later on in the evening.

professional DJ lights

Ez Pars

Ez Pars are a great way to add accent colors throughout the room. Each light can be customized to best match your color scheme.

           DJ uplighting

Rockville Led Lights

Our Rockville LED lights can display a variety of colors with different modes like sound activated, strobe, or fade.

Slim Par Tri Beams

The Slim Par Tri Beam not only brings color to the room but adds design to what otherwise would be a boring plain wall. Same as the other lights mentions before, these lights have many color options with extra features like changing to the sound.


Wall Wash

The Wall Wash Light is the best way to get a full solid color behind a great area. These bars are 25″ long and are perfect to set behind the head table, desert table, or any wall you’d like to change the color of.