Don’t just rock your next
party; be the rocker at your next
party and invite your guests to do the same. Karaoke parties break the ice,
create memorable moments, give you an excuse to wear costumes and release your
inner rock star. Any of the following ideas offer you and your friends the chance
to perform, to sing along and to enjoy the show.


Unless your guest list is
full of “life of the party” people, there might be some reluctance about
participating in karaoke. Minimize the reluctance by giving the party a theme
so guests have an idea about what to expect. Hype it up by encouraging
attendees to dress according to the theme. Be sure to include songs that fit
the theme on the music format sheet
you give to the DJ.

  • 80s—From Olivia Newton John to Michael Jackson and
    Bon Jovi, eighties songs are popular again (or still). If you’d prefer another
    decade, plan accordingly. You could stay alive in the 70s, do the twist in the
    50s or revive your favorite 90s boy band.
  • Beach
    —Combine your tiki and luau
    themed party with some Beach Boys tunes for your own surfin’ safari.
  • Show
    —For a more theatrical party,
    give your regards to Broadway by channeling your inner Idina or Neil Patrick.
  • Radio
    —Involve the whole family by
    having a Disney themed party. Songs could include old movie favorites as well
    as Disney channel stars like Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers.
  • Jock
    —For sports lovers in the
    group, transform karaoke into a pep rally by including Jock Jams favorites like
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot or Black and Yellow.


For a themed party, decorate
according to the theme. For a more generic karaoke party, think about
microphones, disco balls or even a stage with a spotlight. It’s karaoke, so
nobody is a professional. The props can be toys and be effective decorations to
create an environment of fun and silliness.


Using any of the above themes
or an awards show theme like the Grammys or American Idol, motivate your guests
to participate by making the event a competition and awarding prizes. San Antonio DJs can be your hosts and
your judges. To prevent stage fright and forfeitures in the form of no-shows,
present the categories in the invitation. Include some or all of the following:

  • Best
    theme-related costume
  • Best
    showmanship (choreography, etc.)
  • Performer
    who looks most like an actual rock star
  • Best
    group performance
  • Best
    individual performance
  • Most
    fun to watch
  • Least
    likely to be approved by Simon Cowell
  • The
    person nobody thought would actually karaoke who proved everybody wrong
  • Most
    likely to be in a musical

Prizes could be certificates,
thrift store trophies or iTunes gift cards. If you want to make this an annual
party and get serious about the prize, make the grand prize a golden microphone
that has to be returned every year like the Stanley Cup. To make the golden
microphone, use an old microphone and some spray paint.

Above all, remind guests that
it’s not an audition; it’s a party. Cut loose and have some fun!