You should trust that the people you hire will do the job you hired them to do with only minimum oversight from you. The same should be true when you hire a wedding DJ in San Antonio. After your initial meetings with the DJ to discuss your vision for the event, you should be able to sit back and enjoy the fun along with your guests. This is what your DJ should do while you have fun.

Read the crowd

Professional DJs study people. They notice the songs your guests sing along to, whose toes are tapping even when they’re not on the dance floor, and who seems to be struggling to have a conversation over the music. There are a plethora of factors that determine whether or not people will dance at your reception, but a DJ observes the crowd and makes as many adjustments as possible to maximize the fun for everyone.

Monitor the sound

There may be times when you notice the DJ is not in the booth. They haven’t skipped out for a smoke; chances are that they’re checking the sound in various places around the room. Finding just the right volume is key to a successful event. You want the music to be loud enough to hear and feel like a party but not so loud that nobody can have a conversation.

Coordinate with other vendors

Professional wedding vendors understand how their various roles work together to accomplish the best event possible. Your DJ should identify and communicate with your other vendors throughout the event so you don’t have to be the point person for everybody. Wedding coordinator, venue manager, caterer, and the photographer should be on the same page as the DJ to ensure a smooth flow. For instance, the DJ should see that the caterer is ready to cut cake and the photographer is ready to snap pictures of the cutting before the DJ makes the announcement drawing the attention of the crowd to the cake.

Emcee transitions

When you hire a DJ, you’re not only hiring someone to play requested music, but you’re also hiring someone to be the emcee for your event. Your DJ should have a pleasant yet confident voice to be able to move the crowd gracefully and professionally throughout the event. They can introduce your wedding party, announce toasts, release tables for the buffet line, explain the dollar dance, and let your guests know when you’ll throw the garter and bouquet.

Provide instructions

For the purpose of crowd control and to move things along in an entertaining but efficient way, your DJ may provide instructions to your guests. These can range from telling guests when they can join you on the dance floor to directing guests about how they will receive their meals. At your request, a DJ can offer basic instructions about how to dance a common line dance or get couples on the dance floor by having a contest to determine which couple has been married the longest amount of time.

These are all things you and the DJ will discuss ahead of time so that you can enjoy the event while your DJ does what you hired them to do.

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