There is a discussion in the disc jockey community about how much a wedding DJ or San Antonio party DJ should talk during an event. Even though a consensus has yet to be reached, the discussion itself may enlighten you about what to look in a professional DJ for your next event.

The Benefits of a Talking DJ

A DJ who talks to and interacts with the crowd plays the role of entertainer. They can help motivate the crowd to take the dance floor (provided all other variables are in place) and add a level of energy and excitement to the event. Talking DJs also serve as the emcee or host for your event, putting a live, human voice on the entertainment while you mingle with your guests.

The Benefits of a Silent DJ

A DJ who remains behind the scenes and just plays the music for your event runs a lesser chance of making the event about them. The focus is on the party. The crowd doesn’t have to stop enjoying themselves to listen to the DJ drone on about song titles or personal anecdotes. Silence on the part of the DJ means the dance music doesn’t get interrupted. When a silent DJ does speak into the microphone, people pay attention because they haven’t learned to tune the voice out over the course of the evening.On a side note, if your DJ doesn’t have a professional speaking voice, then you probably don’t want them to speak for you anyway.

On a side note, if your DJ doesn’t have a professional speaking voice, then you probably don’t want them to speak for you anyway.

The Best Option is a Blend of the Two

The best DJs find a happy medium between being someone who talks just to hear themself talk and someone who is hesitant to use a microphone. Think of the DJ as an enhancement to the event. Too much talking distracts from the event, and too little talking does nothing to lift the event. An ideal DJ will talk as much as necessary to enhance the event. They are there when you need them to be and invisible when you don’t.

Some rules of thumb to help you know where to find the balance may be helpful here. There’s no need for an event DJ to announce the title and artist to every song they play. That’s the job of a radio DJ, not an event entertainer.

Secondly, you want the DJ to have fun but keep it professional. Professionalism dictates that a DJ should not provide commentary on your guests’ dancing abilities or lack thereof. Neither should they use the microphone as an opportunity to practice their standup comedy.

Your DJ should be comfortable talking into a microphone and should have a professional sounding voice. You don’t want your DJ to get stage fright or to stammer and use poor grammar. Remember, they represent you as the emcee of your event.

Ideally a DJ will say what needs to be said to enhance the event without ever stopping the music. A good mixer can bring the volume of the track down to make the announcement, mix the next song, and bring the volume back up at the end of the announcement. This allows dancers to keep dancing and maintains the flow of the event.

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