Themed weddings become more and more common as brides and grooms look for unique ways to express their personalities. For couples wanting to host a reception that looks more like a wedding than a frat party, these beverage options may give you some ideas that fit your theme and your personality.

Pink Punch

In Steel Magnolias, the bride, played by Julia Roberts, declared that her wedding colors were not pink and pink but blush and bashful. If pink happens to be one of your wedding colors (or both), pink punch will provide a sparkling bit of refreshment for your guests.

Mix together one 12-ounce can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate with 3 cups of white cranberry juice and chill overnight. Just before serving, add one bottle of dry champagne (chilled) and ¼ cup orange liqueur for club soda. Serve in champagne glasses and garnish with fresh mint.

Country Time

For an outdoor wedding with a country flare, especially in a warm climate like San Antonio, set up a lemonade and sweet tea bar for guests. Use mason jars as glasses and have plenty of ice on hand. Don’t forget the lemon wedges. They provide both garnishment and flavoring.


Whether you get married on the beach or host a luau for your reception, you can’t go wrong by serving Mai Tais as the signature drink of your special day. Garnish with maraschino cherries, a slice of fresh pineapple, or both.

Winter Wonderland

What about winter weddings? Instead of cool, refreshing beverages, your guests may prefer something to warm them from the inside out. Set up a hot beverage bar where guests can choose from coffee, tea, hot cocoas, or ciders. Staff the bar with a bartender armed with Bailey’s, brandy, and rum for a beverage selection sure to please guests of all ages.

Holiday Cocktail

Getting married in December and using the greenery of the church to accent your decorations? Great idea! Top it off with a champagne toast that fits the season. Pour champagne into champagne glasses. Add a splash of cranberry juice (just enough to add some color). Float a couple of raspberries and a fresh mint leaf on top for the perfect beverage to celebrate both occasions.

Trendy Local

If the theme of your wedding has more to do with the location than the color scheme, offer guests a selection of local wines. Wine is traditionally considered a classy beverage served at formal occasions. For San Antonio weddings, consider the following local wineries.

  • Fiesta Winery
  • Pontotoc Vineyard
  • Pedernales Cellars
  • Wimberley Valley Winery
  • San Antonio Winery
  • Stray Grape Urban Winery

Your Signature Drink

To truly display your own unique personality at your reception, serve your favorite drink or a drink that represents something unique about you: your alma mater, your career, your family, and just your quirky self. Offer two signature drinks, one to represent the bride and one to represent the groom. Have a written explanation of the drink choices somewhere for guests to read so they can get to know you and enjoy “your” drink.