Some events need a little something extra, something to make it memorable, something to break the ice, or something to loosen up the atmosphere. Karaoke does that, especially in the following three circumstances.

Any Event With Kids

Most kids are willing to try anything, at least once. They like to be the center of attention, to show off their varied talents and abilities to others, and to have fun. If the kids at your party can read, they can sing karaoke. Stations like Radio Disney and Kidz Bop have already introduced them to the latest hits with family friendly lyrics. Give them the chance to be rock stars, if only in their imagination.

Imagine the fun your nine-your old and his friends would have when someone starts to sing “Watch Me Now”. One or two kids sing and the rest show off their dance moves. Then everybody trades places and the party continues. Pause briefly for cake and ice cream. When you resume, add inflatable instruments for an air band or some costumes for photo opportunities and your party is an instant hit. What kid doesn’t like to hear their voice on a microphone? Encourage them to have fun before they hit adolescence and insecurities begin to interfere.

Holiday Parties

The holidays are one time of the year when companies throw a party for all of their employees. One of the biggest challenges of work parties can be the inhibitions associated with socializing with your boss or board members. Karaoke helps to loosen everybody up a bit, especially if the boss is the first to perform (hint, hint). It’s a great way to break the ice and bring a smile to even the most stoicamong you.

Karaoke also helps to liven up the company parties at which most of the guests are male. If most of the party is male, chances are that dancing won’t happen. Karaoke gives guests something else to do besides dance or make small talk. It’s a fun way to lower your guard without overindulging.

A Party That Needs Variety

To improve the likelihood of your party being a success, you need to find a way for all of your guests to have a good time. Inviting a variety of people means having a variety of types of entertainment. If you just have a DJ, you’re relying on your guests’ willingness to dance in order for the party to be a success. If you have a DJ and karaoke, you’ve increased your chances by including people who like to dance and people who like to sing (or be the center of attention or perform or have an excuse to be silly). When you’re not sure what is most likely to be successful at your party, having both gives you options and allows you to lean more heavily on the more popular option once you see which your guests choose. Some people prefer karaoke, while others prefer dancing. Mix it up by having some of both.