The secret recipe for any great party? Photo booths.


You have the venue squared away, the DJ is hired and ready to roll and all the other crucial event details are checked off. Your big day is all set except there’s something missing… a photo booth! Photo booths give you the opportunity to put your guests front and center. Adding a photo booth can make your event go from just fantastic to a truly memorable experience for your guests.


Get Your Guests Involved


Photo booths give your guest another way to engage with your big day! It gives them something to do outside of tearing it up on the on the dance floor. Some guests, while they’ll enjoy the music, won’t be able to dance all night. That’s where a photo booth comes in.

With a wide variety of props included with every photo booth, there are so many ways for your guests to have fun! Attendants working the booth are also great at getting guests smiling and keeping things running smoothly. Photo booths offer all guests another way that they can create memories for the night.


Mementos of Your Big Night


Wedding photographers are incredible. They capture gorgeous shots of your wedding day leaving you with phenomenal photos to remember the day by. Photographers are superstars at making sure there are plenty of pictures of you and your new spouse, but they might miss shots of some of your guests. Photo booths give the camera to your guests. It lets them capture moments that they get to share with you. While your guests can take home a keepsake from the evening you can also have your own gallery from the day.

Our San Antonio photo booth service includes a template that is customized to fit your needs perfectly. You can view some of our sample templates HERE. You can be assured that your guests will take home a little piece of your wedding!

Photo booths are a fun addition to any event. Not only do they offer your guests another way to interact with your event, but they also give you and your guests another memento of your day.