Congratulations are in order for the happy couple! Once you are done celebrating and enjoying time with loved ones, it is time to start thinking about your wedding planning timeline. You may have a couple of questions such as how long does it take to plan a wedding or what needs to be done to make your big day happen? Here at Cutting Edge Entertainment, we have you covered with everything you need for a wedding planning checklist and timeline for each step of the process.

Firstly, planning a wedding can take as long as you like. Want to say ‘I do’ next week? Great, let us hustle! Prefer to take your time and enjoy your engagement? That is all good too. Most couples choose between 10 and 15 months for their planning. Use the wedding timeline below as a guide and you can stretch or shrink your milestone as needed.

Your Wedding Planning Checklist Timeline

The big question of when to start planning your wedding depends on the couple. Some prefer to enjoy the engaged lifestyle, while others want to set a date immediately and may need to begin the process a little sooner. The main thing to keep in mind with the timeline is that venues may be booked for a year or two in advance, which could affect your wedding checklist timeline.

If you want time to relax and bask in your newly engaged relationship status, you can choose a wedding date that’s two years away or more. This will give you plenty of time to plan things out without any rush.

But if you want to get married within a year, then the planning needs to start quickly.

12-15 Months Out:

Here is what you should be doing 12-15 months out from your selected date.

  1. Start Imagining Your Wedding
  2. Book A Venue
  3. Pick A Wedding Season
  4. Decide On a Budget

12 Months Out:

So far, you have decided on a style/theme, venue, date, and budget. Now it is time to get into some of the other items on your wedding planning checklist.


  1. Make A Wedding Website
  2. Start Browsing Wedding Outfits
  3. Research and Book Vendors
  4. 12 Months Out

6 – 9 Months Out:

By now you have locked down your venue, met some vendors, and bought some wedding outfits. Now you can move on to some of the more exciting items on your wedding planning timeline.


  1. Send Save The Dates
  2. Register For Gifts
  3. Lock Down Remaining Vendors
  4. Order Wedding Attire
  5. Reserve A Block of Rooms at A Hotel for Out-Of-Town Guests
  6. Buy Wedding Insurance
  7. Start Browsing Formal Wear for The Wedding Party
  8. Schedule Trials With A Few Beauty Specialists

4 – 5 Months Out:

Congrats! You have reached halfway point of your wedding planning timeline and are well on your way to reaching the finish line. Now is the time to handle some of the smaller details.

  1. Finalize Your Flower Proposal with The Florist
  2. Buy Wedding Attire Accessories
  3. Consider Dance Lessons
  4. Purchase Or Rent the Décor
  5. Order Invitations
  6. Purchase Wedding Bands
  7. Order Wedding Favors
  8. Meet With Your Planner

2 – 3 Months Out:

While the wedding planning timeline is winding down there are still things you need to do, like:

  1. Finalize Your Music Playlist
  2. Apply For a Local Marriage License
  3. Design And Order the Cake with Your Baker
  4. Have Your Shower!
  5. Finalize Wedding Party Attire
  6. Arrange Transportation for The Wedding Day
  7. Finalize Your Ceremony Script with Your Officiant
  8. Mail Your Invitations
  9. Start Working on Your Vows
  10. Purchase Gifts for Your Parents and Wedding Party
  11. Buy Your Guest Book
  12. Order Any Signs
  13. Arrange Your Fittings
  14. Create A Timeline for The Wedding Day
  15. Finalize Your Menu Choices
  16. Have Your Final Details Call with Your Wedding Planner

1 Month Out:

Congratulations on nearing the end of your wedding planning timeline! The date is getting close and before you know it, you will be sipping champagne with your new spouse. Here is what you should do with four weeks to go.

  1. Have Your Final Meeting
  2. Compile A Must-Take Wedding Shot List with Your Photographer
  3. Put Together Welcome Bags

2 Weeks Before:

You have reached the home stretch and your wedding timeline is nearing the end. Here is your checklist when you are two weeks out.

  1. Check RSVPS
  2. Confirm Appointments
  3. Have A Final Meeting with Your Planner
  4. Finalize The Seating Chart
  5. Finalize Pick-Up Times for The Wedding Attire
  6. Confirm All Final Payments
  7. Double-Check Your Schedule

Days Before:

Things are really amping up now. Before you know it, you will be walking down the aisle to your love! We suggest making time to relax a priority at this point.

  1. Pick Up Your Marriage License
  2. Deliver Welcome Bags
  3. Complete Beauty Routine

Day Of:

Congratulations! You have made it to your special day. Here are the tasks you need to complete and some recommendations to help the day go as smoothly as possible

  1. Eat A Protein-Rich Meal
  2. Take A Deep Breath
  3. Enjoy Your Wedding


If you are ever feeling overwhelmed during your wedding planning process, ask for help! Lots of these tasks can be passed to family members or people in your wedding party. Make sure every part of the build-up is creating a day you will enjoy and lean on your wedding party for any last-minute tasks. They are there to support you and your spouse on your big day for years to come!


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