With 2022 in full swing, it’s time to look at the trends we have been seeing here at Cutting Edge Entertainment pop up with weddings over the past year.  Listed below are the trends that will help you plan your 2022 wedding.


  1. Weekday Weddings – this trend is a product of how crazy the 2020 and 2021 wedding seasons have been. With reschedules, postponements, and a surge in engagements, weekend wedding dates are limited in 2022. For this reason, we can expect to see an abnormal number of weddings happening during the week. While this may be different than what we’re used to, it’s actually a great way for the bride and groom to save a bit of money on their venue and other vendors.
  2. Specialty Wedding Vendors – while your big day naturally requires a certain amount of wedding vendors, we’re seeing it more and more that couples bring in more than just the standard list. We’re seeing couples focus more on the entertainment of their guests, bringing in live event painting, game stations, beer burros, photo booths, mobile bars, and more. Your San Antonio DJ can even host the shoe game, introduce the bridal party in a fun way, or host another fun activity during your reception.
  3. Non-Traditional Wedding Parties – With weddings becoming more individualized, creating your unique and special bridal party is a large part of that. Maybe man’s best friend is your best man, or if you’re best friends with someone of the opposite gender, there’s room in the modern wedding for everyone: keep an eye out for bro-maids, grooms’ women, and “best-dog”.  We’re sure you’ve seen some hilarious videos of “flower dudes”!
  4. Unique Wedding Ceremony Arches – with more unique venues and ceremony situations popping up, we are seeing wedding arches become more unique as well. This is a simple way to make a space completely unique and feel like it’s yours for your wedding day. Arches can even be reused during the reception for an added backdrop for photos, your cake, you name it.
  5. Balloon Decorations – have them on their own for a fun and allergy friendly wedding or mix them up with your florals for an added unique touch on your big day. Balloons can add some serious celebration vibes to whatever themed wedding you’re planning. You can create simple décor or immaculate framed entrances to your ballroom, whatever it is you’re looking for, balloons can help with.
  6. Food Trucks – not just in weddings, but everywhere in life, food trucks are in, baby. This is a super fun way to switch up the reception and cocktail hour for your guests and give them a unique experience they might not have seen at a wedding before. You can bring in food trucks to serve appetizers, desserts, or the full entrée. Pizza, tacos, custard and more!
  7. Smaller + More Detailed Wedding Cakes – along with a lot of wedding trends we’re seeing this season, the size of the cake may be shrinking but the detail sure isn’t. Couples are spending more money on higher quality products instead of getting more or less. In addition to the individuality, couples are also leaning toward dessert bar options instead of the traditional cake, so a smaller cake can be brought in just for the cutting of the cake tradition.
  8. Midnight Snacks – the party must go on, and what better way to keep it going than midnight snacks? Texas chains like Whataburger offer late night catering so you and your guests won’t starve while trying to dance the night away at your reception. These are especially good if you have an earlier ceremony and have a reception going into the wee hours of the morning.
  9. Cash + Donation Based Registries – I mean how many kitchen aid mixers can be sold to a whole generation of newlyweds… come on! Traditionally a gift is expected from a guest, but now we’re seeing that shift into contributing to funds and donating causes. Couples don’t want to be overwhelmed with stuff they think they need but probably will only ever use once. They want money to put toward a down payment on a home or don’t want anything for themselves at all. Instead in those cases, couples will ask their guests to donate their favorite causes.
  10. Outdoor Weddings + Receptions – the pandemic has left us with a lot of big changes for weddings, but outdoor ceremonies and receptions must be some of the biggest ones- especially for those of us here in San Antonio, Texas. While we typically saw more outdoor wedding ceremonies happening in late fall and early spring, now they are happening all year round. We love the ability this provides to create an incredible unique backdrop for your wedding and make sure your guests feel comfortable while they celebrate you during these times.