Your wedding is such a joyous occasion! Sincere vows, delectable food, stunning décor—so many little things will contribute to your happily ever after.

On your special day, we adore it when couples make a dramatic departure! Because of this, we at Cutting Edge Entertainment, San Antonio wedding DJs, have compiled some entertaining send-off suggestions that you may use at your own wedding. If you’re ready to be motivated, be sure you read on.

  • Brighten the Way. Fireworks are beautiful. Have you thought about a Cold Spark Machine? Cold Sparks can look incredible for a final exit. Since they burn at 62 degrees Fahrenheit, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. We can control the height and duration of the spark fountains with the unit’s technician utilizing a special control box. The sparks generated by the units produce no smoke, do not cause any smell and are completely non-toxic. The units are controlled by a professional trained employee that has undergone safety training for this operation. You may also let your guests light your path as you go on your honeymoon by giving them sparklers. This is a particularly great choice for nighttime weddings. This festive send-off will not only be fun for your visitors to participate in, but it will also provide you the opportunity to take some beautiful pictures.
  • Festive Tosses. Back in the day, the wedding couple used to be showered with rice as they made their big farewell. Confetti, on the other hand, is a fun alternative that you can use to spice up your exit with color and flair. Or, for a classier appearance, ask your visitors toss some herbs like rosemary or lavender.
  • Whimsical Bubbles. By having your guests blow bubbles around you as you leave, you may give your parting a whimsical touch. This send-off will be fun for guests of all ages, and it will give your images some style.

A wonderful wedding exit is a must for your big day! These are just a few send-off options that you could choose to showcase at your own San Antonio wedding.

Along with planning your wedding exit, you will also need to plan your music with a wedding DJ in San Antonio, Texas. So, please contact us here at Cutting Edge Entertainment, as we would be honored to be a party of your happily ever after.