In the “New World” of gender anonymity and marriages without conventional constraints, we try to find new ways to open our business to all that are in love and wish to celebrate. When a gay and lesbian couple gets engaged, they are met with happy greetings and best wishes from their family and friends. We hope that they find the same happiness from Wedding Vendors. When it comes to planning a Wedding Celebration, our San Antonio Wedding DJs know that few things differ from heterosexual and Same-Sex and (LGBT) Weddings. LGBT couples may face some challenges in the planning and preparation of a wedding that straight couples do not but, the planning process carries on as it would for the traditional husband and wife scenario, the location, invitations, menu selections, floral arrangements, outfits, and even the DJ!

Here at Cutting Edge Entertainment we don’t have a specific “same-sex” package because every wedding is specific and unique. We don’t feel a need to cater to a specialty market. We don’t want to keep with the old ways of pointing out when things are different, but rather, point out when things are special. The music you choose, the ceremony you dreamed of – its all part of what a couple has imagined since they first began talking to each other about the possibility of having a wedding. Gay and lesbian couples face a lot of the same challenges and excitement that straight couples do. Anyone who is having a wedding nowadays loves to go on Facebook or other social media sites to post all about their big day, they disagree about color patterns and budgets, and which vendors to hire, and they get nervous about walking down the aisle, and they argue over which song will be used for their First Dance as a Married Couple. As seasoned, experienced, and professional Wedding DJs in San Antonio, we recognize some of the differences that are unavoidable, but we also know that, at the end of the day hiring a DJ for a LGBT or “Same-sex” wedding celebration is no different that a straight wedding in this regard. The trick to having a great DJ at your event is having someone who sees it as a special day and nothing out of the norm. It’s a wedding and that’s that. The vows may be a little different and you may have two Father/Daughter dances or a Mother/Daughter or Father/Son dance, or some other special highlight that doesn’t always show up in a typical Male-Female “Straight” Wedding. The music and MCing should still be executed professionally just as they would for any event. It is our job as the DJ to help you plan those announcements, to realize your vision for the perfect music for each portion of the event, and to execute it to perfection.

Long before same sex marriage was “Legal” in any state, we have been called upon to provide music and entertainment for the celebration of same-sex unions. The future is always moving. Lifestyles are changing, families are no longer the stereotypical “TV family” and weddings will continue to evolve, even beyond what we know them as today. For our Wedding DJ services, little has changed, and we want our customers to know that we are completely open and accepting of our same-sex couples and clients. The DJ’s of Cutting Edge Entertainment don’t see people as categories, rather, we see two people sharing a night of love, family, food, drinks, and of course, dancing!! We wish all the best to every happy couple pledging endless love to their soulmates. We are wedding DJs for all!