When to Get Married in 2023

The date is less significant than your wedding. In fact, we firmly think that being married can happen at any time. The lovely location and amazing ceremony are considerably more likely to be recalled by your guests than the date you select. So, enjoy choosing the day of your wedding! We’re here to help by providing you with the very best wedding dates for 2023, ensuring that you and your fiancé will choose the perfect day to exchange vows.


One of the least popular months to have or to hold a wedding, which makes it cheaper and more distinctive. You’ll probably be able to save costs on your venue, vendors, and any travel you’ll need to do for your wedding or honeymoon. Take full use of winter styling alternatives, regardless of the date of your January wedding.

  • HOLIDAYS: New Year’s Day (Sunday, January 1), Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday, January 16)
  • CUTE DAYS: Sunday, January 1 (1/1/23), Friday, January 20 (1/20/23), Monday, January 23 (1/23/23)


The alternatives for wedding dates in February, the shortest month of the year, are plenty. The weather can essentially be removed from the equation, which makes your job much less stressful. An indoor ceremony is always a possibility, even if you’re thinking about having your wedding in a warmer region. Who cares if it’s raining or snowing outside when your visitors will appreciate how you’ve decorated your venue with lovely or dramatic accents?

  • HOLIDAYS: Groundhog Day (Thursday, February 2), Valentine’s Day (Tuesday, February 14), President’s Day (Monday, February 20)
  • CUTE DAYS: Thursday, February 2 (2/2/23), Friday, February 3 (2/3/23), Thursday, February 23 (2/23/23).


March is a beautiful, hopeful month. Winter begins to fade into the background as spring slowly approaches, bringing with it lovely flowers and new growth. One of the most popular seasons for weddings is spring for years to come. Additionally, if there is any Dutch ancestry in your family, highlight it with a tulip-filled March wedding to honor Dutch flower traditions.

  • HOLIDAYS: St. Patrick’s Day (Friday, March 17)
  • CUTE DAYS: Thursday, March 2 (3/2/23), Friday, March 3 (3/3/23), Thursday, March 23 (3/23/23)


The proverb “April rains bring May flowers” appears to have encouraged many couples to postpone their marriages in April and have it in May instead. The expression is typically incorrect, and it was most definitely not approved by a meteorologist. Therefore, before you write off a wedding in April, consider all that this lovely month has to offer.

  • HOLIDAYS: April Fool’s Day (Saturday, April 1), Palm Sunday (Sunday, April 2), Good Friday (Friday, April 7), Easter (Sunday, April 9)
  • CUTE DAYS: Tuesday, April 4 (4/4/23), Thursday, April 20 (4/20/23), Sunday, April 23 (4/23/23)


In the month of May, flowers are more widely available, classes are ending for the summer, and romance is in the air.

  • HOLIDAYS: Cinco de Mayo (Friday, May 5), Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 14), Memorial Day (Monday, May 29)
  • CUTE DAYS: Friday, May 5 (5/5/23), Saturday, May 20 (5/20/23), Tuesday, May 23 (5/23/23)


It should come as no surprise that June is one of the most popular months for weddings as it was given its name after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. June is the ideal month for a wedding because it often has cooler temperatures than July and August and is a time of rest and vacation. Finding the ideal wedding date that works for you should be simple.

  • HOLIDAYS: Father’s Day (Sunday, June 18)
  • CUTE DAYS: Tuesday, June 6 (6/6/23), Tuesday, June 20 (6/20/23), Friday, June 23 (6/23/23)


July is a fantastic month to be married. July is one of our hotter months, so if you’re planning on a more relaxed attire for your wedding, July is perfect! Throw a spectacular outdoor event and watch the summer constellations emerge as dusk sets. Your wedding photographs will be a vibrant burst of color and life on bright days, and your guests will be in the festive spirit. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours by dancing and having fun outside your location. There is, after all, nothing quite like a passionate summer night spent outside.

  • HOLIDAYS: Independence Day (Tuesday, July 4)
  • CUTE DAYS: Friday, July 7 (7/7/23), Thursday, July 20 (7/20/23), Sunday, July 23 (7/23/23)


Do you enjoy root beer floats, watermelon, chocolate chip cookies, or ice cream? Every one of these delicious delights has a national holiday in August, and we love to celebrate them. August is one of our hotter months, so if you’re planning on a more relaxed attire for your wedding, August is perfect!

  • CUTE DAYS: Tuesday, August 8 (8/8/2023), Sunday, August 20 (8/20/23), Wednesday, August 23 (8/23/23)


The perfect month for a cool summer wedding is September. September is typically when the weather slowly begins to cool off and thoughts turn to fall. A September wedding is a terrific way to offer your guests something to celebrate while the major holidays are still far away, and the summer holidays are over. Since September is one of those perfect transitional months, you may appropriately refer to it as either a summer wedding or a fall wedding. This gives you two times as many possibilities for decor and apparel. You can go with standard summer or fall themes and fashions, or you can combine the best elements from each season to create something wholly unique.

  • HOLIDAYS: Labor Day (Monday, September 4)
  • CUTE DAYS: Saturday, September 9 (9/9/23), Wednesday, September 20 (9/20/23), Saturday, September 23 (9/23/23)


It’s easy to understand why October is one of the most popular wedding months. You can really play up those fall customs now that autumn is fully underway. Use wonderful, cozy fall hues in your decor or apparel, and take advantage of the chance to eat and drink in a fall-themed manner. Just think of the possibilities: a magnificent October sunset while sipping spiked apple cider or eating pumpkin spice donuts. Really, October speaks by itself.

  • HOLIDAYS: National Indigenous Peoples’ Day (Monday, October 9), Halloween (Tuesday, October 31)
  • CUTE DAYS: Tuesday, October 10 (10/10/23), Friday, October 20 (10/20/23), Monday, October 23 (10/23/23)


Of course, there is a significant holiday in November. Here in America, Thanksgiving is a significant holiday, and we take advantage of it. Think about having your wedding the week before or after Thanksgiving. There may be no need for them to go more than once as they may already be in the area, and everyone will be enjoying the love that spending time with family offers.

  • HOLIDAYS: Veteran’s Day (Saturday, November 11), Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 23)
  • CUTE DAYS: Saturday, November 11 (11/11/23), Monday, November 20 (11/20/23), Thursday, November 23 (11/23/2023)


Remember that December is referred to as the “most delightful time of the year” for a reason when you weigh the advantages of each month and season for a potential date. Families get together around the holidays, and they become more loving and giving people as a result. If you enjoy celebrating holidays, you can add festive décor into your wedding theme, which will make decorating simple and the photos beautiful. It might be the ideal time for a weekday wedding as so many people take time out of work in December anyway.

  • HOLIDAYS: Christmas (Monday, December 25), New Year’s Eve (Sunday, December 31)
  • CUTE DAYS: Tuesday, December 12 (12/12/23), Wednesday, December 20 (12/20/23), Saturday, December 23 (12/23/23)

Whichever date you select, when you’re ready, book your vendors early! In a post-COVID world, we are finding that the most popular dates book early, especially for venues. You may also find that the prices might be a little lower with more advanced notice, and it will also save you some stress! Call our San Antonio based DJ office at 210.495.3900 when you and your fiancé begin looking for the entertainment for your wedding.