The staff at Cutting Edge attends a lot of weddings. As a result, we feel highly qualified to speak to the quality of venues in the area. But before we do, a disclaimer: The best wedding venue for you will be based on your personal needs and preferences. That being said, we’ve found the following locations to be a head above the rest. Rather than ranking the ten, they’re sorted according to “genre”. (HT to Todd Kabes from San Antonio Weddings Magazine for his input on this post.)

Country Clubs

Country clubs offer an heir of exclusivity and refinement. Many also offer catering which can help you to minimize the number of vendors logistically.

River Crossing Club offers a beautiful country setting but also comes with value and convenience.  It’s just a short, 20-minute drive out Hwy 281.The location boasts golf course views and a country setting while still being close enough to the city to be convenient. The reception venue is indoors, but the ceremony itself can be outside.

The Dominion Country Club is an exclusive, prestigious option. The subdivision is home to David Robinson and George Strait.  Out I-10, not far beyond Fiesta Texas, the distinguished club sits among the trees of the Hill Country. This is a fancy venue with golf course views and a picturesque, flowing fountain.


One of the beauties of choosing a hotel as your wedding venue is that drinking guests can walk right up to their roomafter the festivities. Nobody has to worry about renting a party bus or finding a designated driver.

Eilanis a luxurious boutique hotel with giant pillars, great architecture, and beautiful landscapes.Choose from one of three outdoor ceremony venues before taking the party inside to one of two ballrooms. The Eilan is located northwest of town on I-10. This breathtaking Tuscan Estate is the hub of a development that includes apartments, lofts, and shops.

If your guests are likely to enjoy the sights of the city while they’re in town, you might want to consider the Embassy Suites Riverwalk.The hotel is conveniently located downtown and offers an adaptable banquet space you could custom build for your event. The staff is great and you’re right there on the Riverwalk!

Venues Designed Specifically for Weddings

At some point in time, an entrepreneur recognized the profitability and unique needs of weddings. The Springs Events has built a business out of providing ideal wedding venues across Texas and Oklahoma. The San Antonio area is fortunate enough to be home to two of their locations. They’ve thought of everything: the babbling “spring” out back for the site of your ceremony, a relaxing bride’s room, a giant staircase for a dramatic entrance, an elevated stage for your favorite San Antoniodisc jockey, and plenty of parking. The gazebo is even wired for audio.

Bella Springs is located in the country hillside of Boerne while Boulder Springs is in New Braunfels. Both are advertised as rustic, elegant event venues.

Venues That Were Never Intended To Be Wedding Venues

Sometimes things catch on. One person has a unique idea and others think it’s good enough to repeat.

Pearl Stable was once home to the horses that delivered the beer from Pearl Brewery. Just north of downtown, this venue tells a story that dates back to 1894.

Built in the late 1880’s, ZaZa Gardenswas originally a German-owned pickling factory. The historic complex has a smaller building but beautiful gardens out back. It’s located just south of downtown.

In 1927 it was the largest power plant in the world. Now The Landmarkis a mixed-use community in New Braunfels with a clubhouse folks use for weddings. The most unique aspect of this potential venue is the structure of the building.

Venues That Can’t Be Categorized

Some places are uncategorical… in a good way.

Take, for instance, Castle Avalon. What little girl hasn’t dreamed, at some point in her life, of having a storybook wedding at an actual castle?

Instead of raising the roof, why not get married on the roof? Plaza Lecea has rooftop space with a great view of the medical center. Other elegant features include a beautiful staircase off the main lobby that’s perfect for a ceremony and/or pictures.