Perhaps you’ve been reluctant to hire a DJ for your next event because the image you have in your mind of what a DJ is like doesn’t mesh with the style of the event you’re hosting. However, after checking the prices of quality live musicians, you’re reconsidering and hoping you’re wrong. Allow us to set your mind at ease by dispelling some myths you may have heard.

Myth #1 — All DJs are wannabe rappers

While there are a handful of pop stars who got their start as a DJ, our DJs have no aspirations to turn the focus of the event on themselves. We pride ourselves on providing professional people who work to make the event successful for you, not for them. They clearly understand that their goal is to make you look good. Whether you are hosting a corporate event with club music in the background or a fundraiser with big bands playing, our goal is to blend into the environment you want.

Myth #2 — All DJs wear oversized chains with dollar sign charms

Part of being a professional is dressing like a professional. Each of our DJs must own a tuxedo so they can be ready for formal events at any moment in time. If your party is beach-themed, we’ll dress accordingly. Our DJs will only show up wearing oversized jewelry at your request.

Myth #3 — All DJs change common songs into mash-ups that are difficult to dance to

There is an art to creating mash-ups. It requires a certain skill level and set of equipment. That being said, our DJs may or may not play mash-ups upon your request. If you don’t want it, they won’t do it. However, if your bridesmaids were all on the drill team together and had a routine to a certain mash-up of songs you want them to perform at the wedding reception, we’ll work with you.

Myth #4 — It takes DJs hours to set up

Some people think it takes us four hours to set up the sound equipment at a venue. In reality, we usually arrive an hour and a half ahead of time. More often than not it only takes us 30 minutes to set up, but we allow for extra time in case we encounter unforeseen circumstances. We can arrive up to two hours prior to the start time of your event without an additional charge.

Myth #5 — The DJ and the emcee are different people

Part of our hiring process involves making sure DJs are comfortable speaking to crowds and speak clearly enough to make announcements on your behalf. In other words, our DJs expect to function as your emcee, too.

Myth #6 — It only costs a couple hundred dollars to hire a professional DJ

You’ll find our prices to be very middle of the road, landing anywhere between $600 and $800 for an event. Sometimes you get what you pay for. And we’re definitely less expensive than a live orchestra.

Still have questions? Let’s talk. Give us a call to find out how we might enhance your next event.