Audiences who pay to see a super hero movie probably don’t expect to see a plot line that includes a disc jockey saving the day. However, the brides and grooms who have been on the receiving end of the heroic acts of wedding DJs might have something to say about that.

DJ Saved Wedding Cake

A North Carolina DJ took notice when he saw a wedding cake beginning to lean in the heat and humidity of an August wedding day. He quickly consulted with the bride and groom to change the order of events at their reception so that the cake cutting preceded the inevitable cake falling. He announced the plan to cut the cake towards the beginning of the reception rather than later, kept the guests and wedding party upbeat, and helped the venue staff get the cut pieces of cake to a refrigerated cooler without incident.

DJ Saved Wedding Power

When a New Jersey storm knocked out the electricity to the majority of the state, Josh and Sherri were sure their wedding would be ruined. Instead, the DJ saved their wedding by powering the entire reception with his company’s backup generators. Music, uplighting, and the photo booth kept the party going while the storm raged on outside.

Lest you think that’s a rare occurrence, you should hear the one about the DJ who used the converter in his truck to power the sound system and his headlights to light up the dance floor.

Then there was the time when the air conditioning wasn’t working at a wedding reception, so the DJ pointed the speakers outside, allowing the bride and groom to move the party to the cool of the night.

DJ Stopped Wedding Brawl

A Denver-based wedding DJ, who happened to be trained in martial arts, heard some thugs had showed up in the parking lot of the wedding venue. He calmly managed to mediate both sides of a potential brawl and prevented any violence while waiting for the police to arrive. His cool head and willingness to go beyond his job description saved lives and saved the wedding.

Cutting Edge Entertainment DJ Saved Wedding Dance

Even our very own DJs have come to the rescue of brides in distress. When a bride called us just after her reception started, frantic because she had just realized the DJ she hired failed to show up, we jumped into action. Our president, Ron Peene, loaded the backup sound system while the backup DJ put on his tux. They met at the venue and quickly set up. Within 25 minutes of the bride’s phone call (that she made when she was supposed to be enjoying her first dance with her new husband) our professionals had music playing.

We don’t always have emergency backup DJs available on the spur of a moment. To keep from falling victim to a DJ who leaves you stranded on the dance floor without any music, follow these simple tips:

  • Always get the contract and all the terms of your agreement in writing.
  • Have a backup plan (especially in case of inclement weather if you’re having an outdoor wedding).
  • Talk with your DJ the week of the wedding to confirm all of the details—arrival time, setup location, balance due, last minute changes, etc.

Stories about how a DJ saved the wedding day are fun to tell, but you don’t want to experience the stress of needing their heroics. Hire a professional company with a reputation for good service. Call Cutting Edge Entertainment today.