Sometimes it helps to know what NOT to look for when you’re planning a wedding. Unless you’re planning a circus-themed event, these DJs are a bad idea.

The Gymnast DJ
There is a mobile DJ company in Chicago that boasts more than 70 DJs on staff. One of those guys was famous for climbing up on top of the speaker and doing a back flip on to the floor. The speakers weren’t even that big, but that’s not the point. The point is that flips are not in the job description of a professional DJ.

The Hula Hoop DJ
At a bridal show years ago, our team noticed a DJ company spinning hula hoops in front of brides. Round and round they go, but why? What do hula hoops have to do with weddings? One of the brides who visited our booth at the show commented, “See those guys over there with the hula hoops? That’s what we don’t want.” We don’t blame you.

DJ Comedians
There are those who DJ events as a means to test out their standup comedy routines. That’s never gonna go well. For anyone. A sense of humor is great, but stealing the spotlight and telling bad jokes should be left for reality shows.

“The moment has passed” DJ
Certain moments in the reception are planned to be memory makers: the bride and groom’s first dance, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, etc. Those are the moments brides dream about from the time they attend their first wedding. So when the DJ blows it by playing the wrong song, mispronouncing someone’s name, or not being able to find the song and leaving the couple standing in awkward silence on the dance floor, it’s not a good thing. Moments like those are to blame for the evolution of bridezillas.

The Technical Difficulties DJ
Once upon a time there was a wedding DJ who couldn’t work his own equipment. Instead, he had to borrow a groomsman’s computer and playlists to DJ a fancy wedding reception. As if that wasn’t enough, he blamed the quality of the sound (poor) on everything but him. True story. Bad review.

An Inappropriate DJ
If you Google “bad wedding DJs” and look at the videos or reviews, you’ll be appalled at the inappropriateness of some of them. Whether it’s playing an inappropriate drum solo on a woman’s chest or saying inappropriate things to guests as they dance or playing inappropriate songs throughout the reception, some DJs just don’t know how to keep it clean.

Blabbermouth DJs
Some people just don’t know when to shut up. And when you give those people a microphone, it’s even worse. DJs should play music and help with the flow of the event, not run on about songs, artists, dinner, or anything other than what you ask them to say. Event DJs are different than radio DJs. Not all of them understand the distinction.

What kind of San Antonio wedding dj do you want at your wedding reception? Choose a professional who will make your event something to be proud of.