On his way back from the NACE (National Association of Catering and Events) Conference last month, Cutting Edge Entertainment president Ron Peene was unfortunate enough to get caught in one of Southwest Airlines’ darkest moments of operation. A computer glitch in Southwest’s computer system grounded its entire fleet of aircraft around the country at the exact moment Ron was scheduled to depart Ft. Lauderdale.

Abandoned in their hour of need

Initially they boarded the plane with gate staff using pens and paper to collect passenger information. After sitting on the plane more than half an hour, they were told they had to get off and wait for the systems to come back up. A cancelled connecting flight, last minute hotel reservations, no bags, and two Uber rides later, Ron and his travelling companions spent the night in a hotel in Chicago before flying the rest of the way home the next day. They arrived almost 29 hours late.

Throughout the system failure and cancelled flights, Southwest employees could not be found and the call center was overwhelmed. A company usually praised for great customer service missed an opportunity. Barbara Mikkelson is credited with saying, “The measure of a business is often found not in what it does right, but in how well and how quickly it handles matters when things have gone wrong.”

Too little too late

Instead of helping passengers find accommodations or explaining the extensiveness of the outage, Southwest employees hid. A few days later Ron received an email from the airline that said something along the lines of “When sorry isn’t enough. Here’s 50% off your next flight.”

How wedding DJs earn your trust

Any number of things can go wrong on your wedding day; when they do your vendors have an opportunity to prove themselves. Here’s what our San Antonio wedding DJs do to earn your trust.

  • We promptly return phone calls and apologize when we’ve done something wrong. After years in the business, we know folks think we’re avoiding them if we let too much time pass. We’d rather face the problem head-on.
  • We have contingency plans. On the occasion a DJ discovers a blown speaker (the result of normal wear and tear, not neglect), he simply makes a phone call and he on-call person delivers another speaker. Everything is up and running by start time. Chances are you would never know there was a problem.
  • When your beautifully elegant outdoor ceremony faces the thunderclap of a Texas thunderstorm, we can move our equipment to an indoor Plan B and have it set up again in only 10 or 15 minutes so your reception can go out without missing a beat.
  • We’re flexible when we need to be. Sometimes dinner is served late or a couple decides not to toss the bouquet or garter. One time the person who was supposed to pray had to leave unexpectedly. Things happen. Our priority is making your event a success — regardless.

It’s your day. We’ll do what we can to make sure you remember all the good things that happen and forget that anything could have possibly gone wrong.