Turning 40 is a big deal. It’s either met as a milestone or dreaded as mid-life. Either way, it’s a birthday worthy of a special celebration. Depending on if the person turning 40 has a good sense of humor or not will determine whether or not any of these themes would be good for their party.


People joke about 40 being “over the hill” and bring black balloons as a gesture of mourning. Go all out and give the party a funeral theme. Have the buffet served on the lid of a coffin (Halloween or costume stores will rent you one). In lieu of a limo, have the guest of honor picked up in a hearse. Ask guests to wear all black and come prepared to deliver their own eulogies/memories.


Decorate everything as though it were the year the guest of honor was born. Google all the pop culture trends of the time and have them represented on invitations, in decorations, or as part of the activities of the party. Hire a party DJ to play songs from that year. Ask guests to dress in the fashion of the time.

This is your life

This is similar to the flashback theme, but personalized to the individual. For example, what lunchbox did this person carry as a kid? What was their favorite television show? Toy? Game? Outfit? Movie? Food? Bring it all back in grown-up size as the party game, refreshments, entertainment, or decorations. Invite people from all stages of the birthday person’s life for an added bonus. Have everyone share their favorite memoriesfrom the past 40 years with the celebrant.

40-year old virgin

Make this Steve Carell movie the theme of your party and use elements or scenes from the movie to come up with ideas for activities, decorations, or gifts. Give the guest of honor a copy of the DVD or Blu Ray or a movie poster as a gag gift.

The back 40

This old idiom refers to the back part of a farm. Throw down some hay bales and gas up the tractor for a farm-themed 40th shindig. Shine your boots for some two-stepping or line dancing. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes top it all off.

Fiesta 40

Celebrate 40 San Antonio style with a fiesta. Who doesn’t love Mexican food and Mariachis? This is the party theme for your friend or loved one who would prefer to ignore the number and just celebrate with the people closest to them. There aren’t any embarrassing bits of nostalgia or being the butt of over-the-hill jokes; just bright colors, spicy food, good music, and maybe a bit of salsa dancing. Want to feel younger? Add a piñata to the festivities!

Regardless of the birthday or the theme, every party feels more special when a DJ is involved. And it’s even more memorable with karaoke or a photo booth. Let us help you celebrate your next party… whatever the number may be.