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Don’t Over-Request!


If you have never hired a disc jockey to play
for an event before, you may assume it is your responsibility to create the
entire playlist. That is not the case. When you hire a DJ, you want to tell
them which genres of music you prefer (or about any you dislike), which genre you
would like to hear most often and some of your favorite songs from each of the genres
you mention. Then, much like the iTunes Genius, your DJ will choose and mix the
playlist in such a way as to get the most participation from the guests at your
event. After all, that is what you’re paying them to do.

When you give the DJ an extremely long list of
songs, you are limiting their creativity as well as any freedom they have to
play requests or choose specific crowd involvement tunes. Over the course of a
four-hour event, there is only time to play approximately 52-54 songs when you
consider that songs are an average of four minutes each and when you account
for any announcements that need to be made during the course of the event. If
we’re being completely honest, some of the songs you enjoy may not be as
effective on the dance floor as they seem to be when you are jamming alone or
with a small handful of friends in the car.

A good rule of thumb is to give the DJ a list
with requests for about half the number of songs that will need to be played.
That is enough songs to give the DJ a good idea about your tastes while still offering
them the freedom to mix in some other tunes your guests might enjoy equally

On the flip side, don’t make the DJ do all of
the work without providing any guidance at all. When you fail to share any of your favorite songs with the birthday party DJ, San Antonio
guests may roll their eyes when a country song is played. Just because the
event is held in Texas doesn’t mean you and your friends enjoy country music,
but you cannot expect the DJ to know that about you if you don’t communicate it
in the beginning. With no guidance, the DJ can only guess what type of music
you enjoy, and it is completely possible that they could guess wrong.

When you hire a DJ (San Antonio
is home to some of the best, by the way), remember to compromise by meeting in
the middle when it comes to the number of songs you request. Don’t dictate
every song that will be played during your event, and don’t make the DJ guess
what to play by not providing any requests at all. Both extremes will prove
frustrating to you as well as the DJ and might distract from the fun you could
have enjoyed otherwise. And who knows? You might discover a new favorite, make
a new memory or have a nostalgic moment when a song you’d forgotten starts to

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