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How to Plan a Corporate Event and Not Die Trying

2018-04-03T05:33:45+00:00May 17th, 2017|

They say you can never be too organized, however if you’re anything but organized, corporate event planning or any other type of event planning may appear overwhelming. Nonetheless a quick read to this article can save you a lot of headaches. Events are held for a number of reasons, when you host a corporate or [...]

Planning to Have an Engagement Party? Tips You Need to Know

2018-04-03T05:33:45+00:00May 3rd, 2017|

Love is great when someone’s sweeping you off your feet, that sparkler on your finger sets the first of many happy stories to come. Rest assured that people will want to congratulate you both on your recent commitment, so an engagement party presents the perfect opportunity to do so and also it is a great occasion to introduce [...]

Set the Mood with your Wedding Prelude

2018-04-03T05:33:46+00:00April 26th, 2017|

Alright, so you've picked already the theme and style for your wedding day; at this point you had pictured the décor, flowers, lighting, colors, invitations and probably you even planned the seating. Now it's an ideal opportunity to think how you want to set the mood with music for your ceremony and reception. Regardless of your musical selection, [...]

Have a Summer Wedding and Keep Your Cool

2018-04-03T05:33:46+00:00April 19th, 2017|

Throughout the country, summer weddings tend to become very popular, but in Texas, the summer months are really hot! We would highly suggest in the possible extent to have your ceremony and reception inside, as doing anything outside when is over 90 degrees during the day could be a drag on your guests and you, [...]

Not Too Soft, Not Too Loud! Why Volume Level Can Make or Break Your Event

2018-04-03T05:33:46+00:00April 12th, 2017|

A key part of any successful party is ambience. The “mood” of your party can make or break your event — it can set a lasting, positive impression or merely be remembered as a dull blip. And when it comes to the mood of the party, nothing sets the scene like music. Of course, when [...]

How to Keep the Dance Floor Packed

2017-03-28T17:06:36+00:00March 30th, 2017|

Few things are more fun or memorable than really tearing it up on the dance floor. That’s why the dance floor tends to function as the centerpiece of any party—it’s where people are ultimately supposed to end up. A packed dance floor is fun, memorable, and what everyone wants from a successful party. That said, [...]

Tips to Make Your First Dance More Special

2018-04-03T05:33:46+00:00March 24th, 2017|

The first dance is one of the highlights and most memorable parts of any wedding. While just a few minutes long, your first dance is a few minutes you will remember for the rest of your life. A bride and groom’s first dance, which crowns your wedding and sets the tone for the rest of [...]

Don't Forget to Include Decorations for your Next Karaoke Party

2017-03-15T18:36:07+00:00March 15th, 2017|

Having your own karaoke party is even better than going out to a karaoke bar—no lines, no strangers, and no hassle! Plus, hosting your own karaoke event is a great way to bring together friends and family in a fun, casual setting. A good karaoke party will have your friends not just singing songs, but [...]