What Uplighting Color Should I Choose?

Uplighting is one of the most visually powerful lighting techniques that we offer. It can transform an ordinary banquet hall into an utterly unique entertaining space. It is an immediate mood-changer for any room. The right lighting can make a spacious room feel more intimate. It can turn bland, boring walls into something appealing and bring elegance to any celebration. Uplighting is necessary when it comes to making your wedding pop! At Cutting Edge Entertainment in San Antonio, we provide you with the tools necessary to assist you with the tools necessary to assist in selecting the perfect uplighting color for your wedding.


Using your wedding theme to help choose up lighting color

For obvious reasons, your wedding or event theme color scheme should help you decide which up lighting color (or colors) you should choose to accent your celebration. Our own in-house showroom can help you choose a color palette. This allows you to see and select from a variety of uplighting colors to use. If the DJ company, you are considering is not discussing the best uplighting options with you…. You may want to cross them off the lists of potential vendors for your big day.

Choosing just the right color and hue from an unending variety of colors may be a little intimidating. You can see below how certain colors can change the atmosphere of your celebration.

  • Red
    • Red hues are very bold when used in uplighting. This color is often selected to enhance your event color palette and match décor. Red is reminiscent of heat, fire and passion so entering a room of this color could make you feel sophisticated, excited, or even sexy.
  • Pink
    • Pink hues are extremely popular for early spring weddings and vivid summer weddings. Pink hues can make your guests feel joyful, excited, or even calm.
  • Yellow
    • Yellow hues bring warmth to a room. Yellow hues provide the illusion of candlelight glow throughout the room, bringing a feeling of romance, intimacy, comfort, joy and even energy.
  • Green
    • Green hues make a statement by showing how unique you are! Green hues brighten a room by creating a fresh, crisp feeling. Green is a vivid color that pops and demands attention. Green represents life, energy, and new beginnings. This color is perfect for spring, summer, and winter weddings.
  • Light Blue
    • Light blue hues are trendy; creating a fresh dreamy look that stirs the imagination. Blue hues are considered calming, they bring elegance to any venue. Blues make a sweet addition to any spring or summer wedding, and they are an excellent choice to compliment your Winter Wonderland weddings as well.
  • Dark Blue
    • Exciting and energetic, dark blue hues leave your guests ready to party! Dark blues make guests feel like they are in a club, so it is an ideal choice for any celebration. When you are having trouble deciding, this is a great color to choose.
  • Purples
    • Purple is a color of royalty. It is rich and inviting and can add depth and excitement to your celebration.
  • White
    • This is a great modern color to highlight a head table, cake area, or just bring light into a venue. This is a subtle way to add personality into a room. White is best for weddings in darker halls that need a pick me up or where venues features are just so awe-inspiring you do not want to change them.


No matter which venue you are hosting at or what color palette you settle on, we are here to help you decide on which uplighting color to use for your event. Choosing the right color scheme will not only create the atmosphere and energy you want at your event, but it will also set this amazing backdrop for your wedding photos. If you need a little more help, we are trained DJ’s right here in San Antonio to help you chose the right color. Learn more about our LED uplighting that is available with every package by clicking on this link here.