Your time has come to get on stage and perform your heart out. Karaoke can be intimidating to many especially if it is in a room full of people. No matter the size of the crowd, stage fright has been a fear the collective has shared. When it comes to your reputation in karaoke, the last thing you want to be known for is being a deer caught in the headlights. As karaoke professionals, we have some tips and tricks to navigate you to success.

First things first, everyone can sing. Telling yourself you cannot sing is hindering your success in showing the stage all that you got. Think of singing as a therapeutic art.  When singing it is known you are releasing endorphins (aka happy hormones). Which overall makes you feel better. Karaoke is not supposed to stress you out. It actually does the opposite. The only person in the way of your singing abilities is yourself.  Be confident and own every word you are singing to your audience.

Confidence goes a long way and that holds true in karaoke too. You really do not have to be a great singer to wow everyone. The passion in the performance is what will catch the people’s eye. That and honestly knowing the actual song lyrics. Think of your song choice and know what song works for you or what song is loved by many. Keep in mind the length of the song. Instrumentals can get awkward if you are just standing there looking at everyone. In the case of a 3-minute instrumental make sure to ham it up, interact with your crowd or even surprise them. That is where your confidence is a big player in your performance so definitely pay attention to the length of the song. One last big reminder is to remember your lyrics by heart and pretend you did not need them in the first place.

If this information is still not helping you find your inner Beyonce then bring your friends to have fun with. There is a strength in numbers so grab a friend, family, coworkers, your dog, anyone to be there to cheer you on. Go on stage and perform that amazing duo with your friend or bring your friends up as your background dancers. Whatever helps you make it happen. Hopefully, this will make the time go by faster and most importantly make memories that would not have been made in the first place. In most cases, karaoke is usually held in San Antonio bars or businesses that have alcohol so grab a drink to get rid of any last nerves.

Out of all these tips the most important tip is to have fun. Not only will this improve your mood but relationships with the people you bring. Grab the mic and sing the classics from “Sweet Caroline” to “Mr. Brightside” like there is no tomorrow.  Most importantly, enjoy yourself, the company of others and do not forget to sing your heart out.