No one is too old for a surprise party. They are fun,
appreciated, and easy to organize. If you have a friend who has a celebration
coming up, you may want to consider throwing a surprise party. The following
are some ways you can organize it without stress.

Book a Location

The first step is to find a place for the party. If you
suspect there will be many guests, you may want to look into a ballroom at a
hotel or a reception room at a community center like the VFW or a church. Once
you find a location, make sure to book it by putting down a deposit.

Make a List of Guests

Write down everyone you want to invite to the surprise
party. Make sure you abide by any regulations the setting you chose has
concerning the number of people who can be in the room.

Pick Out Invitations

Head to the card store to pick out invitations. Once you get
home, fill them out with the guests’ information. Make sure you indicate it’s a
surprise party on the invitations, so no one gives away the secret. Send out
the invitations at least two weeks before the event.

Book the Caterer

People want to eat when they go to a party, so you’ll have
to figure out what they will eat. You have a few choices. You can hire a
caterer from a restaurant. You can order food, have someone pick it up, and set
it up yourself buffet style. You could also just have people contribute a dish
or have someone cook all of the food. What you choose depends on what you think
your loved one would like the best and how much money you have to spend.

Hire a Private Party DJ

People love to eat at a party, but they also love to dance
or at least watch people dance. Hiring a DJ is important. You may want to even
go ahead with a karaoke
entertainer in San Antonio
. That way everyone can have some fun and laughs
as everyone takes a turn singing.


At this point, you have the location, invitations, caterer
and DJ, so now all you need is the decorations. Head to the party store and
start creating a beautiful display. If it’s a birthday party, you choose one of
the age themed decorations available. If it’s something special such as a
promotion, anniversary, or retirement, you can choose some classic colors for
these events such as gold or silver.

Don’t go overboard with the decorations. Sometimes, less is
more. Just get enough for the walls, table centerpieces, and the entrance.
Bring a friend with you, so you can have some help gauging how much you need.

Elicit Help

Setting up a party is always more fun with others around.
Ask some friends to come to the location a couple hours before the party to
help put up the decorations. If you are setting up the food, set it up about a
half hour before the party.

Ask someone to lead the guest of honor to the party at a
specific time. Have all of the guests hide, and then when that guest of honor
enters the room, have everyone exclaim, “Surprise!” It will surely be a wild
success and probably not as hard as you though it would be.