How many times have you been to a birthday party and can’t wait to leave?

Don’t worry; you aren’t the only one that has felt that way.

People crave more from birthday parties nowadays. They want excitement, fun activities, and entertainment.

You can put on the birthday party of the decade by throwing one that is much different from the ones you’ve ever been to before. Simply choose one of these five trendy birthday party ideas.

#1: Spa Party

Everyone loves to be pampered, but this is mostly for a girl’s birthday party. Whether you’re young or old, you love to have your hair and nails done. You also enjoy a nice massage and facial. These are all of the things you can offer your guests, if you plan a spa party.

You can do it all from your home and have someone come in to create the spa experience, or you can arrange for the party to be at a spa facility. It’s up to you, and what you feel the most comfortable with.

#2: Karaoke Party

Some people don’t like to sing, but the ones that do end up finding it entertaining along with those watching. After a few drinks, most of the people who said they didn’t like to sing, end up getting on stage to belt out their favorite tunes.

Having a karaoke party is super trendy nowadays. People can spend hours at these types of parties because it’s one laugh after another. Just make sure you hire a good DJ to plan a karaoke party.

#3: Club Party

Having a party at a club is another trendy idea. Many people will rent out a room, so their friends can rest in between dancing and heading to the bar. Some clubs will have finger foods ready for your guests, so no one gets hungry and want to leave for a late night nibble.

#4: Wine Tasting Party


Having a birthday party at a winery is perfect for people who love to drink wine. Invite friends and family and have a good time tasting many different wines. You can usually rent out a room at the winery, and some even hire a DJ in San Antonio to provide the music.

Just make sure there are designated drivers available, or better yet, rent a limo to drive everyone home after the party.

#5: Party on the Water

Having a party on a boat is exciting for many people. They get to dress up, relax with wine, take in the amazing views, and enjoy some dancing aboard ship. Just make sure the people you are inviting don’t become sea sick easily, or warn them, so they can take the proper precautions before coming to the party.

With these 5 ideas for trendy birthday parties, you should be able to plan one for yourself or a loved one that everyone will be impressed with and will enjoy. Instead of trying to keep people from leaving, you’ll be pushing them out when the party is over because no one will want to leave.