At Cutting Edge Entertainment,
we are often asked if we have any ideas on inexpensive, but romantic honeymoon
getaways. Many of these people are looking for something local because they
aren’t able to take time away from their jobs or schools. They may also not
have much money because they’ve just bought a house or something else with a hefty
price tag or maybe are on a short leave from the military and they have
to get back to Afghanistan or wherever they’re stationed.

You don’t have to go someplace far away to enjoy your
honeymoon. That is simply not the case. You can stay in the great state of
Texas, and enjoy your honeymoon just as much as anyone else. The following are
five places you can travel to for a honeymoon.

Texas Honeymoon Destination #1: Elm Creek Manor

This luxury spa resort has everything you need to relax and
enjoy your first days of marriage. You can take a dip in the beautiful backyard
pool, walk around the country landscape, and be pampered by their spa

Elm Creek Manor is located in North Texas near Dallas and
Fort Worth.

Texas Honeymoon Destination #2: Barton Creek Resort in

If you want to relax and have fun with your spouse on your
honeymoon, book a place at Barton Creek Resort. This is four star destination
in Texas Hill country.

You can play at one of the many golf courses or tennis
courts. Swim in the indoor pool or jog on the track, if you’re looking for more
activities. You can relax after a good game, swim or run by indulging in a
massage, facial, herbal wrap or aromatherapy.

There’s no need to go anywhere for food. You can dine at one
of the distinctive dining rooms. There’s also picturesque terraces and poolside
patios you can sit back and have some drinks on.

This destination is located west of downtown Austin.

Texas Honeymoon Destination #3: BlissWood Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast offers all of the conveniences of home
but with much more romance. This particular bed and breakfast is located in the
peaceful country. You can take romantic walks at sunset, enjoy the meals
freshly prepared by the host, and relax by the lake. There are plenty of
activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and fishing. There are also plenty
of antique shops for you to browse.

BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch is located an hour west of
Houston in Cat Spring, Texas.

Texas Honeymoon Destination #4: Deer Lake Cabins

Staying in a quaint, comfortable cabin is perfect for a
honeymoon. You can take time to enjoy nature around you, and love each other’s
company, as you participate in many different activities by the lake. You can
row, swim, kayak, and there are horses for you to ride. Just imagine you and
your spouse taking a stroll at sunset and then having one of your first kisses
under the moonlight. It will be an experience you will never be able to forget.

There are many cabins available throughout the year. Deer
Lake Cabins is located in east Texas in Scroggins, Texas.

Texas Honeymoon Destination #5: The Retreat at Balcones
Springs, Texas

This resort is just outside of Austin and features country
style guest cabins. You’ll love all of the activities there are outside and
inside the resort. It’s all inclusive, which means all of your meals and drinks
are included in the cost of staying with the resort.

Enjoy the privacy of a honeymoon without flying to deserted
island at this honeymoon destination.

We hope these recommendations will help you find the
honeymoon destination of your dreams. If you are still in need of a disc jockey
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