The reception is the second most important part of your
wedding. The ceremony is when you exchange vows, and the reception is when you

No party is complete without a music DJ in San Antonio.
The music is what gets people moving. It makes people smile, dance, and really
get into the mood of one of the most beautiful celebrations in life.

As you look for a reception venue, there are a few factors
you should look for, so that the music the DJ plays will sound its very best.

Space for a DJ

An important factor in choosing a reception venue is space
for a DJ. He needs enough room for equipment and to move around. Getting out
from behind the equipment easily is important to when you want him to get
people participating in the excitement of the night.


DJs need outlets, so it’s important to make sure each one
has enough for your DJ. Check with the person you choose, so you can make sure
the venue is equipped to handle the power he needs to play the music.

Good Acoustics

You don’t want a venue that will make the music echo. You
need one that guests can hear the music and each other clearly. Look for tile
or wood floors, as opposed to thick carpet. Consider the size of the room too.
A small art gallery is best for a jazz combo, and an orchestra is better for
larger settings. Of course, a DJ is versatile, so you can use one in small or
large venues.


Lighting is an important part of the music because it sets
the scene. Be sure to check with your DJ on what he does for lighting with the
music. He will probably be able to tell you what you should check on when
looking at venues as far as lighting goes for the DJ section and dance floor.

Overtime Policy

In case you decide to keep the party going after what you’ve
originally planned, DJs will usually stay later for an extra charge. However, sometimes the client doesn’t take into consideration that the
venue may have their own policy on how overtime is handled.
important to check on this policy ahead of time, so there are
no issues at midnight when the party is winding down.

Your Reception Venue and Wedding DJ

With these factors, you can choose a reception venue that
will be perfect for the music you want at your celebration. There will be
nothing better when you get to step out on the dance floor with your spouse
getting ready to dance in front of your family and friends. The music will be
what carries you off into paradise, as all of your dreams come true at that

For more information about music for your wedding or the
venue that’s right for the music you want, contact our party DJ at Cutting Edge
. We will set you up with someone who will be able to come
up with a list of music you and your guests will love, and that will work with
the venue of your choosing. This is our expertise, so allow us to help you make
your wedding a fun, beautiful one.