Country parties are the most fun ones you can throw. They
are so full of character, games, music, and food that people can’t help but get
into it have the time of their life. If you’ve never set up a country party
before, you’re about to find out how to do it in just a few steps.

Step #1: Book the Venue

You don’t need anything too fancy for a country party. You
can have one in your backyard, at the park, or if you’d like an indoor space, a
reception hall works well. You can have a country party in a fancy ballroom, if
you would like because it’s really all about decorations.

Step #2: Hire a Country DJ
San Antonio

It may not be possible to find a country DJ, but if you look
for a wedding DJ, you’ll
find plenty. This type of DJ will play all of the country classics you’ll need
for your party. All you’ll have to do is ask what selections he has, and then
review them. It’s likely you’ll find all of the country music you need to take
up all of the time you’re holding the event.

Step #3: Get the Food Scheduled


Food is an important part of a country party, so make sure
you get a good variety and a lot of it. You want to have all of the classic
country comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, baked beans,
potato salad, BBQ, sweet tea, and more. You can either order it from a
restaurant or you can have a really good cook volunteer his time to get all of
this food prepared.

A buffet style works best with this type of party. That way
everyone can eat when they want to, dance when they feel like it, and just pick
when they are talking.

Step #4: Buy the Decorations

Don’t forget the browns, reds, greens, and dark yellows when
you decorate for a country party. A cute idea is to use bandanas as napkins.
You can also use baskets with flowers for the table centerpieces. For nice
corner decorations, you can use bales of hay. For a good photo opportunity, try
to find a bull to place in a section with a country theme in the background.
People can sit on the bull and take a picture.

Step #5: Send Out the Invitations

About two weeks before the party, send out the invitations.
Choose a style that complements the theme. If you want people to dress in their
country style clothing, just mention that in the invitation.

Step #6: Set It Up and Have Fun

On the day of the party, put up the decorations, get the
food out, and welcome the DJ to set up where he can. When people start coming
in, you can invite them in and present the country party you’ve organized

Now you have all of the steps you need to hold a country
party. The best part about it is you can have it during any time of the year.
Start planning now for November because people will start to receive holiday
party invitations soon, and yours could be the one that kicks off the season.