A surprise party for a kid is absolutely awesome. Kids love
parties, and they love to walk into one that is all for them. The only thing is
you have to pull it off without your child finding out. That’s not as easy as
you might think, so be ready to follow these tips.

Tell Parents It’s a Surprise

It is essential parents of the children coming to the party
do not tell them. It will have to be a surprise to them just as much as it is
to your child. You know how children talk, and as soon as one of them finds
out, he will go to yours and say something. Plead with the parents to ensure
they don’t let it slip.

Stash Decorations Away

Just like during Christmas, you must hide all of the
decoration. It will give it all away if you child finds all of the decorations.

Book the Local DJ Alone

Don’t assume your child won’t figure out what you’re talking
about when you’re in the next room on the phone with the best party DJs in San Antonio. Call when
your child is at school or at a friend’s house, so there is no chance he will
hear you talk about his party.

Arrange the Food Ahead of Time

Just like the DJ, you want to set up the food in secret too.
If you’re going to cook for it, you’ll need to schedule someone to come and
take your child out of the house for a few hours. You know your child will be
all over you asking what you’re making the food for, if he is hanging around
the day of the party.

Schedule a Fun Outing the Day of the Party

The day of the party your child needs to be entertained all
the way up to the party. Ask a family member or friend to take your child out
until the time of the party. Make it really fun because you don’t want you
child complaining about wanting to come home the whole time. Places like Chuck
e Cheese, a park, or even a movie are great time wasters.

Stay in Close Contact with the Person Bringing Your Child to the Party

As you are setting up, make sure to text the person who is
with your child. This will ensure he doesn’t show up too early. As the person
starts his way to the party with your child, you can direct him in at precisely
the right time.

Keep a Door
Closed in Between the Party and the Entrance

Children aren’t going to want to hide and be quiet long
enough for your child to make his entrance. It works best if there is a door
that can be closed that your child can open and walk through. That way when he
opens the door, he will immediately be presented with all of his friends
running up to him saying SURPRISE!

With these tips on how to pull off a kid’s surprise party,
you are ready to start planning. This will be the best party of the year, and
your child is going to love you so much for doing this for him.