The Holidays means that there will be parties to attend,
especially at work. If your company has decided to throw a Christmas party,
don’t go to it before you learn the latest in Christmas party etiquette.

Dress Well

Don’t overdress, but don’t underdress either. Consider where
the party will be located when you decide what to wear. A simple dress for a
woman will work, and a polo shirt and khakis are good for men.

Don’t Be Too Late to the Party

To make an entrance, you can be up to 30 minutes late to an
office party and up to 15 minutes late to a house party. Any later than this,
you’ll look bad.

Watch Your Business Talk

It’s a party not a business meeting. While you can speak
about work a little, don’t focus on it. And when you do talk about it, only
discuss light, funny topics.

Avoid Brown Nosing but Be Gracious

Thank your boss for the party, but don’t gush about how
great he is for throwing it. It’s too obvious and it will only make your
co-workers roll their eyes and want to stay as far away from you as possible.

Make Yourself Known

Don’t be a wall flower. Dance, drink, and mingle. Do it all
in moderation though because you don’t want to be the drunk that dances the
Macarena while spitting all over everyone.

Leave the Party When Everyone Else Does

Don’t linger around after everyone has left because you
don’t want the party to end. Make your exit when most people do, so you end up
following the crowd out.

Toast with Sincerity

The host usually makes the toast during formal parties, but
casual parties anyone can make it. If you want to make a toast, keep it short
and sincere. If you tell a joke, make sure everyone will understand it, or
misunderstandings could occur that will linger into the work environment.


Bring a Gift

If the party is at someone’s home, bring a small token of
appreciation. This can be a bottle of wine, centerpiece, or a dessert. You can
bring it wrapped or unwrapped depending on how much attention you want when you
give it to the host.

Don’t Snap Pictures and Post on Social Media

It’s fun to take pictures of people at a Christmas party,
but don’t post them on social media unless you have permission from the person
you photographed. Most people don’t want their face blasted all over the
Internet, and they definitely don’t want it online when they have been having
way too much fun.

Thank the Party Throwers

Thank the party committee and consider sending a thank you
note. This will show them they are appreciated, and will motivate them to throw
another one next year.

Christmas is all about spending time with friends, family,
and acquaintances. It’s a time to let go of the stress of the daily grind, and
enjoy the spirit of the season. Now that you know the etiquette of an office Christmas party, you’re ready to head out there to have some fun.