June may be the most popular
month for weddings, but June has already passed this year. After June, the next
most popular months to get married are August, September and October, in that
order. Each month offers pros and cons as far as scheduling, but below is a
list of reasons October could actually be your best choice.


Second to the warm
temperatures of June, October is usually the nicest weather month in Texas.
Fall has arrived, leaving behind the oppressive heat of summer while holding
off chilling winter winds. Whether or not you have an outdoor wedding, weather
has an impact on your special day. It affects travel for your guests coming
from out of town as well as the transition from your ceremony to the reception
if they are in separate locations. A Texas autumn offers the opportunity for
unique colors, mild temperatures and perfect timing for a wedding.

Travel arrangements

Booking travel and lodging
for the bridal party, family members and other guests is easier to do in
October. Summer vacations are over, but the holiday travel season has not yet

It’s after summer, but before
the holidays. Honeymoon travel tends to be less expensive for the same reasons.
Most beaches will still be warm but much less crowded.

Summer planning


Even if you are not a student
or a teacher, there is something about the summertime that feels freer. Use the
down time as planning time for your October wedding. Research venues, wedding DJ packages,
florists, bridal party attire and bakeries over the summer. This will allow you
to put down deposits or make reservations ahead of time, reducing stress in the

Avoid conflicting events

As you look into various
venues and wedding entertainment
options, you may find that many are booked in the late spring and early summer
for graduation events and prom celebrations. By waiting until October, you are
more likely to have more options from which to choose because you will not be
competing with other big events in the area.

After college

Speaking of graduation, if
you are planning to get married right out of college, October is approximately
five months after college graduation (and almost eight months after a
Valentine’s Day proposal), giving you the summer to plan and avoiding the
stress of planning a wedding while concurrently studying for finals. You can
get engaged sometime during your last year of school, pass the candle with your
sorority sisters, finish your exams, make presentations and still have time to
plan the ceremony and reception.

October offers all of these
benefits plus the additional benefit of not being one of the top three wedding
months. By planning your wedding for a month like October, you can avoid
competing with other brides and grooms who are seeking to use the same vendors
and venues. Make reservations, put down deposits and order now for your October