Nobody wants to talk about
it, but that doesn’t change the inevitability of the event. School starts back.
Soon! Rather than wallowing in the groans of school uniforms, early mornings
and the return of homework to the evening schedule, eagerly anticipate the
activities a new school year has to offer, like the homecoming dance.
Regardless of your role at the dance, you can start thinking and anticipating

Student council president

As the leader of the student
free world, at least on your high school campus, it is your responsibility to
make sure all the details are in order before homecoming week arrives. You get
the privilege of being a liaison between your peers and the administrators of
your school. Some things you might start researching now that you could present
to your fellow student council members once school resumes:

  • A
    DJ who understands the current teen culture but is professional enough to be
    approved by adults.
  • Theme
    ideas and decorations.
  • Photography.
    Would your peers prefer a professional photographer and a backdrop or the
    casual fun of a photo booth?
  • Where
    will the dance be held? If it’s at the school, what accommodations will need to
    made? For example, will the gym floor need to be covered, lighting need to be
    adjusted, parking and entrances re-examined or a sound system provided?


As a teacher, your
responsibilities extend far beyond the classroom. Some of those
responsibilities are tedious, like grading papers, and others are more
enjoyable, like chaperoning the homecoming dance. As a chaperone you are able
to see your students in a different context while ensuring that they have fun
without getting into trouble. As you look forward to the school year, you can
look forward to the opportunity you have to make a difference in the lives of
your students… even in a social environment.

Freshman boy

You’ve been waiting your
whole life for the opportunity to ask her to a dance. As you first year of high
school approaches, you have the chance to plan the best date of your life to
the homecoming dance during your first semester at Edison, Lanier, or Brackenridge.
Here are some things you need to know about your first homecoming:

  • Mums
    are a big deal. It doesn’t matter how gaudy they may seem. A Texas girl wants
    her date to get her a mum to wear to the homecoming football game.
  • Homecoming
    includes more than just the dance. Escort your date to the football game, the
    parade and the dance.
  • In
    order to accomplish the first two tasks in this list, you need to start
    thinking now about your
    plan. Party in San Antonio by
    eating at a nice restaurant before the dance or by gathering with friends at
    someone’s house afterward. Regardless, you need to plan ahead to make homecoming
    the best experience possible for you and your date.

Back-to-school time doesn’t
have to be a dread. Look ahead to the memorable events of the school year and
let the excitement begin to build.