Despite the mild summer Texas has experienced thus far, do you
still find yourself stepping outside and groaning at the oppressive heat? Are
you weary of being scared that any metal piece of equipment inside your car
might brand you like a head of cattle? Do you step inside an air-conditioned
building and sigh with gratitude that air conditioning exists in your world?

When you don’t have the option of staying poolside all summer
long, the best way to beat the heat of a San Antonio summer is to think cool
thoughts. What’s cooler than Christmas? Start
daydreaming about turning your A/C off, wearing 
long sleeves, and walking
outside without breaking a sweat
. Turn on some holiday carols and
transform your home or office into a Christmas in July celebration by planning
your holiday party in the heat of the summer. It will help to keep you thinking
cool thoughts and to check one more item off the holiday rush list.

Unless you are in the travel or recreation industries, summertime
tends to be a lull time for many businesses. Take advantage of that lull now so
you can better enjoy the holidays later.

Here are some other benefits of planning your Christmas party in July: 

  • By planning ahead, you are more
    likely to be able to reserve the best and most popular vendors for your party,
    like a
    Christmas party DJ, a caterer
    or a hard-to-book venue. You’ve heard the saying, “The early bird gets the
    worm”? Well, the early party planner gets the best
    Christmas party DJ in San Antonio!
  • Booking in advance enables you or
    your company to spread out the deposits and purchases required for the holiday
    party, rather than having all the expenses withdrawn at the same time.
  • It is likely to be a better party
    because you will have had more time to plan it instead of rushing to throw
    something together at the last minute. In other words, the holiday rush won’t
    feel so rushed.
  • You have more options when you
    plan ahead and don’t have to settle for whatever is left over after others make
    their plans.
  • It helps you to think cool
    thoughts when your brain would rather melt into a glob on the sidewalk.
  • There is the potential of
    spreading holiday cheer when people least expect it.
  • You can build excitement about the
    event for a longer period of time.
  • You have more time to make your
    own decorations to save some money.
  • The holiday season is filled with
    gatherings and celebrations. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, you will
    likely attend more parties than you do the rest of the year combined. By planning
    the party you host in the heat of the summer, you are more likely to enjoy
    those gatherings during the actual holidays.
  • You have time to bargain shop.
  • You can leisurely search Pinterest
    for new ideas.

Keep your cool now (while thinking about fireplaces and hot cocoa)
and then (as you enjoy the holidays without feeling so rushed) by planning your
Christmas celebration in July.