This year continues the move from more traditional weddings to personal, trendy ceremonies and receptions. From unusual venues to brides wearing pants, 2015 has its own special trends to consider as you plan your special day. Let your wedding and reception reflect your personality.

The Wild, Wild West


Whether you grew up on a ranch or love the rustic look of a barn wedding, western themes are hot. Mason jars, burlap, and lace continue to offer a rustic chic look. If there are no barns near you, an open field does just fine. Leather accents can appear on boots or boutonnieres.


Pantones Color of the Year for 2015 is a rich, red wine color called Marsala. Use it to accent an otherwise monochromatic color scheme of whites, creams, and tans, or proclaim it boldly in bridesmaid dresses and table runners. Lest you think the color only works in the fall, pair it with light blue in the spring for a beautiful twist. Rose gold is a super hot trend and, when paired with Marsala, takes the elegance level up a notch.


Speaking of rose gold, another stylish trend of the year is the use of metallics, copper especially. Think copper vases as centerpieces or copper goblets as drinking glasses or favors. It reflects the light just enough to draw attention without being an overwhelming presence.

Bridal Fashion


The more likely a wedding is to be held outside of a church, the more like the bride will be to wear an off the shoulder wedding gown. Detachable trains are less burdensome than bustling and can be just the right choice for a more casual reception.

Want to wear pants? Go for it. Pantsuits and jumpers are in for brides. Solange Knowles rocked the look (as one of many) at her recent nuptials. Like the idea but not for the ceremony? Not a problem. Wear them in lieu of a third dress. Yes, for the bride who just can’t decide, add another wardrobe change. Wear the formal gown during the ceremony, something a little more mingle-friendly for the reception, and a third outfit for the after-party.

Unusual Venues


Fewer brides are opting for the traditional church wedding, often because it requires travel to a second venue for the reception. What they’re choosing instead runs the gamete:

  • Loft spaces overlooking the city
  • Art galleries that eliminate the need for additional decorations
  • Castles, because every girl dreams of being Cinderella
  • Private estates
  • Museums
  • Restaurants

It’s your wedding day. Let the venue reflect who you are.

GoPro, Drones, and Photo Booths

Couples want their photographers and videographers to capture everything. Sometimes that means recruiting guests to make the wedding day an interactive adventure in filmography. From GoPro cameras on the dance floor to drones flying overhead capturing the big picture, modern technology helps you to record the day in a memorable fashion.

In the realm of interactive photography and selfies, photo booths, like those offered by Cutting Edge Entertainment of San Antonio, continue to be the rage. Why trust a photographer to get candid shots when your wedding guests can display their own personalities in a photo booth?

Foodie Innovations

If you don’t want to interrupt the party with a sit down dinner, or if you just want to do something none of your friends have done, the foodie possibilities are limitless. They range from multiple buffet lines to food trucks, from a cake made out of donuts to a collection of cupcakes. Want a potato bar for your spud-loving buds? Do it! Love baseball and want a hot dog stand? Find the food truck for you!

Choreographed Entrances

It’s your day, but your wedding party plays a big role in your lives. More couples are opting for a flash mob type dance party at the reception (or even down the aisle) to add some spice and allow the bridesmaids and groomsmen to show their own personalities. It may require some planning ahead of time and the cooperation of a professional DJ, but it’s an entertaining option for everyone. Haven’t you always wanted your life to look like a musical?

If you’re getting married this year, congratulations. Cheers to your very own happily ever after.