When planning a special event, disc jockeys look beyond their portable music libraries, or customized stage lighting. Any music service can arrive on-site and play music for the evening. The magic of a memorable event, especially for San Antonio wedding disc jockeys, lies in their ability to connect with your guests and generate energy through their music. A talented music entertainment service should be able to pick from several their staff DJs to make sure the entertainer who serves at your event is the perfect match for the tone and atmosphere you want to set. A perfect wedding can be enhanced, or ruined, by the entertainer behind the audio equipment.

When you hire a professional disc jockey for entertainment, the right entertainer will make your event easier to manage by playing the role of the musical concierge. In his hands, you are free to focus on the events and memories of the day, and make sure your party is everything you imagine and plan that it can be. When selecting a disc jockey for an upcoming wedding or corporate event, you should interview your prospective entertainer in much the same way that you would interview an employee for a job position. If you want an event in which the music service plays a background roll, make sure that the service understands your expectations exactly. For most weddings, the music entertainer sets the tone for much of the evening after the service and as guests begin to arrive for the reception.

You will want to describe fully what you want for the evening, and have confidence that your wedding dj can provide as much, or as little contribution to the evening as you need. The DJ’s who brings personality and a personal connection to your event provide the intangible element of that personal connection with the crowd that can turn an average event into a spectacular evening. Therefore, when you are searching for the right professional musician entertainment service, here are a few questions to ask.

Multiple DJ’s

Does the music service employ several DJ’s, which you can interview, or are they a one-person operation? If you aren’t completely comfortable with the person and the connection you make with them at your first meeting, keep looking.

Custom Song Requests

Does your entertainer have a way to collect requests from guests during the evening? Once the crowd gets onto the dance floor, a small but important feature that will keep them in the mood is the ability to request their favorite tune. Make sure your musician can collect those requests, has a voluminous library of music to pick from, and has the experience to say “no” to inappropriate requests.

Song Lists, Cultural and Ethnic Selections

Does your DJ have pre-sorted song lists, and what music categories does he have available? Here in Texas, your music entertainer should have collections of traditionally popular music, as well as music that appeals to the large Texas Hispanic population, those who have a deep religious affiliation, as well as the many Texas Country (Americana) fans. A professional DJ will be able to build custom song lists based on your guest’s tastes.