Are you a foodie looking to have a memorable meal at your wedding? Local options can inspire and bring to life your menu and will help to create an unforgettable banquet.

Love Local

Here’s a little tip: It’s all about the food. Have all or part of your menu sourced from local farmers and make it the central point of your fare setup.

From farm-to-table products to wandering bars serving local brews, wines and spirits, the bottom line of using locally sourced items is to give producers business while introducing your guests to some new delights. It’s almost guaranteed that your guests will love savoring the local options through each bite and sip, you might even consider going homestyle during the feast so all of your guests can get a taste of everything.

Think Fresh

Nowadays local, seasonal and organic products are as buzzy as ever. People are turning to fresh food sourced locally and the expectation to find a caterer that source out as locally as possible is high. When looking for caterers, search for someone who works with the small farmers and the community and opts for farm fresh or organic foods.

A Friendly Option

Choosing locally and seasonally sourced produce, not only contributes to local farmers but also will get you the green thumb’s-up for minimizing your carbon footprint, and here’s a secret: It is the most delicious way to eat.

Opting for a season friendly menu might require giving up some control over it, since not all the ingredients for that dish you had your heart on will be available. Rest assured that your wedding pro or caterer will come up with a special seasonal menu and find tasty likewise substitutions for your wedding or event.

Feel at Home

Wine tasting or beer flights, are a big trend at the cocktail hour or at the reception, they may be from breweries or wineries around where you’re from or live. You could serve drinks and spirits from the area you grew up or went to college, it’s nice to have something to represent that, and you will thrill your guests with such display.

Light Bites

Your favorite dishes shrunk down to bite-sized hors d’oeuvre, often paired with specialty drinks, like mini servings of beers and liquors. Wedding parties trend tasting stations, offering guests little bites of menu items accompanied by mini sips of a beer or liquor, it will delight your guests, here are some ideas: 

What about taco crostinis and organic guacamole with margaritas in tequila nips, range-free pork sliders with mini mugs of local craft beers, grilled organic cheese sandwiches with Bloody Mary shooters.

The Final Touch

A make-your-own food station is a wonderful icebreaker that will allow your guests to initiate a conversation while waiting in line. Another idea is to choose for family-style, so guests can interact casually as they pass around delicious dishes. Take the idea up a notch with a cart wheeled by a chef to guests during cocktail hour. Either way, your guests will mingle and will have an unforgettable night.

At Cutting Edge Entertainment while we love Texas we are from San Antonio after all! And we must say, our local food and drinks are some of the best! So if you have questions or want us to recommend you a caterer that will meet your needs, give us a call or email. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the best options for your wedding event.