You dance in front of the mirror while you sing into the hairbrush. You try to mimic the latest dance craze moves on a YouTube video. Your friends probably do the same. Why should you all do this alone when you could do it together? Throw the party of all time by hosting your own dance party and invite everyone to show off their mad skills together. Here are some things to think about.

Decide what kind of dancing you want to do

Choosing a specific style of dance helps to plan the party. It gives you a theme and narrows the focus of the skills you’ll all practice and learn together. Some ideas for dance styles include:

  • Country line dancing
  • Swing dancing
  • Hip-hop
  • Salsa

Find a location with space to boogie

Maybe you have a basement, garage, or playroom big enough to transform into a dance hall. But if you don’t, you’ll want to find a space. As you’re looking, keep in mind the type of floor that works best for dancing. In some cases, the DJ you hire can connect you with a dance floor for almost any venue. Either way, you need to find a space with enough elbow room for folks to boogie without it becoming a full contact sport.

Hire a DJ who has song variety in your preferred genre

Because you don’t want to spend all your time pushing play and pause on a playlist, hire a DJ to handle the tunes for you. Chances are they’ll have more songs in your preferred genre anyway, and you can focus on learning the steps and interacting with your party guests.

Coordinate with a dance instructor

Let’s be honest. Just because your friend is a good dancer, it doesn’t mean they are a good dance instructor. For the best results at your dance party, hire a dance instructor to teach you and your guests the proper techniques (with the proper amount of patience). Cutting Edge Entertainment can provide your DJ and connect you with dance instructors in the San Antonio area. Since we can also hook you up with a dance floor (we work closely with some providers who do that), we’re your one-stop-shop for hosting the dance party of the ages.

Motivate your guests to participate

If you suspect that some of your friends will be hesitant to participate in your dance party, provide them with some preemptive motivation. Ask guests to dress to fit the theme:

  • Cowboy up for country line dancing
  • 20s flappers for swing dancing
  • 80s break-dancer for hip-hop
  • Latin for salsa dancing

Something about dressing the part makes people feel more inclined to participate.

It might also help to dim the lights on everyone except the instructor, at least in the beginning. Remind everybody that it’s not a competition and that you will all look a little bit silly together. It’s about making memories, getting some exercise, and learning new dance moves for your next visit to the club.