Few things are more fun or memorable than really tearing it up on the dance floor. That’s why the dance floor tends to function as the centerpiece of any party—it’s where people are ultimately supposed to end up. A packed dance floor is fun, memorable, and what everyone wants from a successful party. That said, it can be hard to fill up the dance floor and keep it full. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks you can employ to encourage people to get shuffling when you want them to. Here ’s some advice on keeping your dance floor packed!

Plan Your Dance Floor Beforehand

When picking an event venue or planning out your party space, take your dance floor into consideration. If you’re picking a venue, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate all your guests. If you are hosting a party at your home, make sure to clear away obstructions and sharp objects from or around the dance floor. The dance floor should be sizable enough to fit a crowd, but small enough that it can be filled quickly. A dance floor that is too large runs the risk of looking more empty. Another thing to consider is the floor itself. Make sure that the surface material is non-slip and easy to dance on. Carpet or another material conducive to heels may be a good idea if you expect many women at your event.

Practice Timing

Especially important for weddings and other events on a schedule, it’s important that you factor in dance floor time into your party plan. Don’t interrupt party time with an event announcement or important activity. All of these should be thought out beforehand.

Position the Dance Floor Next to the DJ

It is critical that the DJ is immediately adjacent to the dance floor for a variety of reasons. First, if there are guests seated between the dance floor and the DJ, then they will be blown away when it’s time for the DJ to crank up the music. The volume needs to be at a certain level for the people dancing on the dance floor to feel the beat and get into the music that they’re dancing to. It’s also helpful to the DJ… he will feel more connected when he’s right next to the people that are getting into the music that they’re dancing to, instead of being halfway across the room. Lastly, having speakers and lighting units stretched all over the place means cords are running everywhere, both unsafe and unsightly.

Dress It Up With Lights

Make your dance floor look even more enticing with proper illumination. Your lighting can set the mood of your dance floor. Whatever sort of fun lights you choose to go with, remember: a well-lit dance floor is the last thing you want. Your dance floor should be dark and cozy, but easy enough to see and move around in.

Keep the Bar Nearby

Every adult party benefits from a little liquid courage. If you will be serving alcoholic beverages at your event, be strategic with where you place your bar. A good idea is to keep the bar near the dance floor—or at least in the same room. A far off bar will cause your guests to wander away from the dance floor. Conversely, a few easy-to-access cocktails will do wonders for encouraging guests to let loose and boogie down! As always, drink responsibly and make sure bartenders keep an eye on overly indulgent guests.

Put On Games or Activities

Sometimes it takes a special interruption to force people over to the dance floor. Consider a fun icebreaker or a game with prizes. This can add excitement to your event and will naturally bring people together. With a good DJ, you can even incorporate dancing games into your activities.

Pick Good Music

This one’s a no brainer, but it deserves to be repeated. The music you play can make or break your party. In regards to picking music, make sure you pick tunes that will resonate with your audience. This means taking your guests’ ages, preferences, etc. into account.

Choose a Great DJ

A great DJ can be the ticket to a winning party and can help lead your crowd to the dance floor. Every crowd is different—a well-seasoned DJ knows how to quickly learn the tastes of the crowd and respond to them, all while accommodating other party arrangements previous agreed upon. It’s a tough job, one that can easily be botched by someone with less know-how.

Our DJs can help you curate a music selection that resonates with guests and their years of experience will help keep your dance floor full and jostling. Whether MC’ing your event, hosting games and activities or playing the greatest hits, our DJs will work hand in hand with you to guarantee your party is a success. Whatever your event, contact us to learn how we can help keep your dance floor packed!