To set the stage for your wedding, you’ll need, well, a stage. However, often, picking a wedding venue is the most daunting aspect of wedding planning for couples. There are many choices and the pressure to pick the “right” one can be overwhelming. But picking a venue doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems. Take the following factors into account to significantly narrow down your venue list and make it easier to come to a final decision:

Geographic Location

While it may sound exotic to opt for a destination wedding, be sure that you need to take into account how far potential guests may have to travel. Even when planning a wedding locally, keep in mind driving and traffic considerations. Consider driving time and to from the location, especially if your venue is “off the beaten path.” A drive over 2 hours may call for an overnight stay, especially if your event begins in the afternoon or evening. Make sure there are appropriate accommodations near by, or that you have friends or family willing to host. Take commuter traffic into account, as well. You don’t want to risk a majority of your guests being late! On your invitations and event pages, be sure to include detailed directions and instructions on getting there and points of interest in the area.

Guest Count

Obviously, your guest count will greatly affect your venue choice. While you’ll want to keep within your budget, try to be reasonable with space. That is, no one will enjoy a crammed wedding venue, and you’re likely to experience no shortage of accidents as well! It’s also important that you make sure you don’t end up with unexpected guests. Some guests may show up without having RSVP’ed—rude, yes, but it’s happened plenty of times before.


While everyone wants a grand venue, don’t stretch yourself for a venue you can’t comfortably afford. There are many other wedding costs to consider, after all—catering, entertainment, decorations, staff, stylists, photographer, and so on.  Alternatively, spend the extra money on your honeymoon.

Venue Layout

You should assess whether the venue fits your needs. For example, if you’re doing cocktails and the ceremony all in one venue, is there space for both? Is there a dance floor? Is there space for a DJ?


Weather can make or break your big day. If there’s potential for rain, make sure your chosen facility provides sheltered arrangements such as tents or an indoor area as back-up.

Sound system

If you’re planning on playing music or having a Texas wedding DJ at your ceremony, it’s pertinent you investigate your future venue’s sound system. Is there one? If not, will you have to pay the DJ to bring extra equipment, such as speakers and lights? Is there a way to play music on your own? Ask these questions before booking.