Summer is here, which means pool parties galore! Whether at your neighborhood clubhouse or in your back yard, a pool party is a perfect way to stay cool and have fun in the sun. Here are some ideas to help elevate your party to “off the hook.”

Pick a Theme

Who doesn’t love the slow-mo running in “Baywatch”? Or hearing the unmistakable sound of the steel drums on the boardwalk? Finding a memorable theme is a fantastic way to liven your party up, and it can be easier than you think. You and your friends could sip pina coladas at the tiki bar if you’re feeling tropical, or your child’s playdate can turn into a day at sea with pirate booty and mermaid tails.

Deepen Your Dive

Just because it’s a pool party doesn’t mean you can’t use other ways to cool off. Squirt guns, slip-n-slides, and water balloons are great kid-friendly ways to beat the heat. If you have a more mature audience, why not serve iced cocktails or frozen margaritas? It’s a surefire way to stay frosty this summer!

Finger Food Faves

Hot dogs and hamburgers are the traditional party food for summer—but they’re about due for a downsizing! Try serving sliders and mini-dogs for a fun-sized party snack. Then for dessert, you can’t go wrong with fresh seasonal fruits like melon, pineapple, and mango. If you have a sweet tooth, ice cream cones and homemade popsicles are inexpensive and delicious summer refreshments. Bon Appetit!

Memories for a Lifetime

Summer only comes once a year, and the best way to capture the moment is with photos. You can try and get a group squeezed into a selfie by the pool—and the inevitable retake until everyone is satisfied with how they look—or you can skip the headache and hire a professional photo booth service to handle all the details of your memory making. The service usually includes fun props and a customizable template so you can make sure this summer party shows off your creativity!

To see how we can make your summer party sizzle, call the Pros at Cutting Edge Entertainment!