If your business has never hosted a corporate event, you may be missing out on some vital opportunities. Don’t think of it as a pointless party; plan an event with purpose.

Host a Corporate Event To Thank Your Employees

It could be the annual Christmas party, the end of tax season, the celebration of an encouraging audit report, or the opening of a new store. Host a corporate event to thank your team for their loyalty, hard work, and success. You couldn’t do it without them. Show them your appreciation.

Encourage Team Building

Corporate events don’t have to mean caterers and DJs. Your corporate event could be a team-building day at a nearby ropes course. You could host an outing of foot golf or participate in a relay marathon. When your employees know and enjoy each other, they are more likely to function as a better team.

Invite Outsiders To a Product Launch

Apple has made product launches into an event. You can do the same. You may not capture the attention of the worldwide press, but your own product launch and demonstration to potential clients, current customers, investors, or leaders in the industry gives you the perfect opportunity to show and tell. Feature a DJ playing music to build the suspense and provide a soundtrack for the event.

A Corporate Event is a Marketing Event

Whether it’s a product launch, a softball league, a wine tasting, or a gala, your corporate event should be incorporated into your marketing strategy. Allow guests to sample or interact with your products throughout the event in a less formal capacity. Maybe you have an interactive display near the buffet line or a slide show playing on a tablet near the bar. Brand everything with your logo. Give away tchotchkes. Sponsor a raffle to get leads’ contact information. Use your imagination, but make the party marketing experience.

Network With Others In The Industry

Host a happy hour for vendors and clients in the area with some drinks and music. Use it as a networking opportunity for you as well as your guests. Hold the event in your showroom to add a marketing component.

Make Your Corporate Event a Charity Event

Hosting an event that benefits a charity serves multiple functions:

  • It benefits the organization by providing awareness and funding.
  • It benefits the local community.
  • It aligns your brand with a good cause.
  • It’s an opportunity for some free press. News organizations are more likely to cover an event that involves multiple organizations (especially charitable organizations) than they would be to simply cover your product launch, unless you’re Apple.
  • Community service as part of a company culture draws employees with similar values to your team.

As you look over this list of pros for hosting corporate events, you will see the potential for overlap among the various benefits. Your charitable event could also promote networking and team building. Your team-building event might benefit a charity like Habitat for Humanity.

Regardless of the reason or the format, let us help make your corporate event successful. Contact Cutting Edge Entertainment to discuss corporate event DJs, karaoke, and/or photo booths.