After the tedious year we had, the return of live concerts and venues has emerged back to the public’s view. The modern renaissance is on the approach. The rumors are true, you can finally leave your house. Where will you go? Who will you see? How will you celebrate? What will you wear and most importantly, how can you support your cities local venues? With those questions in mind here are some fun facts to remember when going out post-covid.

Since covid a lot of vendors, bartenders, and artists have been out of work. The way to support your community is to get involved and have fun. When going out to any bar please tip your bartenders. A rule of thumb is that if you’ve received excellent service, any tip under 20% is not the right move. Over 25% is what will really help and is highly recommended. Finally, NO FREE DRINKS!  Research your city’s venues on social media and see the local acts involved. Rather than purchasing an overpriced Astroworld or Bad Bunny ticket for an okay view buy a ticket to support the arts in your community. Even if that is too out of your reach remember you are living in the age of the internet. A place to engage and invite all from home. Follow local artist, buy their music, and even better purchase any merch or just donate.

Of course, safety and our health are always going to be a priority now. Even if you are vaccinated, please wear a mask. The safety of others is still important. We cannot screw up this one chance of getting back to our normal. We understand social distancing is annoying, remembering to get your mask is annoying, and the isolation we had was annoying and do not remind me uneventful. With that being said, remember the rules that we still must follow. Be mindful wash your hands and respect the health of the others around.

If you want to support artists on your own terms. Create your own event to just celebrate the milestone we are at as a society. Book a San Antonio DJ to play all the hits at your exclusive party. Book a photo booth to capture the moment that you cannot recreate. Check out the different packages we carry that will best suite your event.

When you arrive at a local concert, event in San Antonio, or San Antonio wedding, have fun enjoy the freedom missed out on during the pandemic. Do not complain, just practice the CDC guidelines, stay consistent and follow any house rules for venues of any nature.  For the arts, stay active and up to date of events. Support local artists and shows coming up online or in person. Tip more than you’re use to tipping to help your local vendors, bartenders, and artists. Whether you are going out to support or hosting your own event be mindful of others. Lastly, enjoy the moment and make the memories you missed out on.