When you hire professional DJ services, there are certain things you should expect. There is a difference between someone who just plays songs and a professional disc jockey. These five tasks will give you a better idea about all the hats a DJ should wear.

Acts Professionally

Professionals do things like return phone calls, show up on time, and fulfill contractual obligations. It sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised how many DJs fail at these most basic business manners. At the event, the DJ should play the music you ask for at designated times (e.g. first dance, father/daughter dance, bouquet toss). A professional will also stick to the genre of music you requested rather than playing their own personal favorites.


The DJ becomes the voice of the event. You should expect the DJ to speak clearly, professionally, and only when necessary to move the event forward. At wedding receptions, the DJ often introduces the wedding party, makes announcements regarding food service or special dances, gets the crowd’s attention before toasts, and presents the bride and groom for their first dance.

Provides Consultation Before the Event

Because a professional DJ has attended multiple events, you should be able to ask questions and get answers regarding how long certain dances last, how to mix eclectic music selections, and any other questions you may have before the big day. While most DJ providers have another job Monday through Friday, Cutting Edge Entertainment is Ron Peene’s primary job. Customers have his full, undivided dedication and can meet with him during the week to discuss the event. Not everybody can say that.

Interacts With Guests

Your DJ provides services for you as well as your guests. You want them to build rapport with your guests by doing things like playing requests and (at San Antonio weddings in particular) facilitating the boot dance. They aren’t just a personality when the microphone is in their hand; they are a service provider for everyone in attendance throughout the event.

Establishes a Working Relationship With Other Vendors

A DJ needs to be able to identify, communicate effectively with, and work cooperatively with the other vendors at your event. This includes the venue manager, caterer, photographer/videographer, and the wedding planner or event coordinator. When a DJ has done the proper groundwork before an event, there should be little to no reason to interrupt the host of the event by asking logistical questions. In other words, at a wedding reception, the bride should be able to focus on soaking up the joy of the day rather than playing go-between for a DJ and photographer who refuse to acknowledge each other.

As you can see, it’s vital for your DJ to do more than provide a playlist. Essentially a DJ in San Antonio will be part event coordinator, part entertainer, part host, and 100% professional. If you’re looking for DJs like this for your next event, call today for a consultation.