Whether you’re at the bar with some friends or at a party where there’s karaoke, do what the karaoke hosts do and watch for these ten types of karaoke singers. Better yet, determine which one you want to be. Most everyone falls into one of the categories.

Diva or The Man

You’ll recognize this type of singer because they think they’re all that and a bag of chips. What they may fail to realize is that those chips are stale and their recording contract is a long way off. Nevertheless, diva wannabes provide great entertainment for their audience, just maybe not in the same way they think they do.

Friends in Low Places

These singers have a group of friends somewhere nearby, laughing hysterically before the song introduction even begins to play. More often than not, these poor performers lost a bet of some sort and singing karaoke is their payment. You’ll have a tough time deciding who to watch in this scenario: the friends or the performer. Best case scenario: the performer is really good and the whole thing backfires on the friends.

You’re So Vain

You know the type. Maybe you’re one of them. Some people just like to be the center of attention, regardless of their musical abilities. They probably think this paragraph is about them, too.

Lose Yourself

What’s on your bucket list? If performing in front of a live audience is there, this category has your name written all over it. Certain things in life must be experienced in order to be appreciated. Grab the microphone, close your eyes, and pretend you’re in front of your bedroom mirror. Lose yourself in the music.

A Moment Like This

Some people are gifted with pipes that cause their friends to live vicariously through them. Friends urge them to get up on the stage because those friends recognize talent and want others to as well. This is the true joy of karaoke: the activity stopping, silence inducing awe that a great performance brings to even the rowdiest of crowds.

Mission Impossible

Similar to people in the Friends in Low Places category, these folks have a group of friends laughing in a corner. However, instead of losing a bet, they perform on a dare. Perhaps they have critiqued other performers or think they’re “The Man”. Nothing settles the score like putting the microphone where your mouth is.

We Are the Champions

Competitive people see everything as a challenge to be won. Having learned everything there is to know about music from American Idol, they think they have what it takes to wow the crowd. Maybe they do; and maybe they just want to be Queen for a day.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Romantics make the most of the opportunity to proclaim their love with an apt lyric. Such a gesture may cause all the girls in the room to swoon while the guys cringe or wince. For the performer and the object of their affection, only one other person in the room has their attention. (Cue the rainbows and butterflies.)

Happy Together

The sociological phenomenon known as a “mob mentality” leads an entire bridal party to tackle karaoke duets like Summer Lovin’ or something of the sort. This is the only way some people are willing to perform on stage: with a group of people.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Perhaps the largest category of karaoke singers is the last one: folks who just want to have a good time. Why dance in front of a video game screen when you can sing in front of a live audience?!