Sometimes potential clients ask (or at least wonder silently) why we charge what we do. Maybe you’ve even thought to yourself, “Why do you have to charge so much just to come and play music at my event?” It’s a valid question that deserves an honest answer. Here’s our response.

This is not a hobby for us. It is our business, our livelihood, and our passion. Just like any professional that you go to for a service, whether it be a doctor, mechanic, lawyer, accountant, or plumber, you want the disc jockey you hire to be a true professional instead of someone who only tinkers around with it on the weekend.

When you contract with a professional disc-jockey company, the price you pay covers the cost of:

Trained Professionals

Our staff are not sub-contractors with their own equipment and a willy-nilly idea about what DJ services are. We have employees, so we are able to monitor their training and scheduling as well as maintain the equipment they use to assure you receive the best quality entertainment experience we can offer. Sub-contractors might be less expensive, but it’s not a risk we’re willing to take when it comes to the success of your event.

Liability Insurance

We carry liability insurance to protect you and our employees should something unforeseen accidentally occur. It covers any accidents or injuries related to our company that might occur. This insurance is for your protection. Even if you don’t hire us for your next event, be sure that the company or individual you hire is covered. (Note: some venues won’t allow a vendor who doesn’t carry insurance.)


Entertainment requires a lot of equipment. There are speakers, cords, wires, sound systems, lights, fog machines, and photo booths that need to get from one location to another. We have two company vans for larger events to ensure this equipment isn’t damaged in transit and to show your guests that you’ve hired entertainment professionals for your event.


You’re not only just paying for the DJ at your event but for the management and support staff who will assist if there are any problems. Your event will happen, regardless of an illness, family emergency, car accident, or mechanical breakdown. You shouldn’t have to worry about providing spare equipment for your DJ, just in case. We take care of that for you. Independent contractors can’t make that guarantee.

A Trained and Professional DJ

A DJ doesn’t just walk in and play music. He or she must mentally prepare for your event. They put personal matters aside and fully engage with your event and your expectations for the day. The DJ picks up the equipment from our warehouse, unloads it and sets it up at the venue, parks the vehicle (which is not fun downtown on a Saturday night, tapes down cords to keep you and your guests safe, makes everything look neat and professional, changes into the appropriate attire, works the event, interacts professionally with your guests (regardless of how intoxicated or unruly the guests may be), changes back into street clothes, breaks all of the equipment down, and then takes it back to our warehouse. Simply speaking, there’s more to it than clicking a button.


You expect the DJ to have access to all the songs you want to have played and any request your guests may make during the event (as well you should). Imagine how much it would cost you to download all of those songs yourself. Part of your cost includes access to our extensive music collection.

Everything we do and offer is done with you in mind. We want to help make your event memorable and successful.