If you are considering using an app for your wedding reception or next big event celebration, you have to ask yourself why and if it’s worth it. The two primary reasons party hosts would choose an app over a professional are based on budget or a previous experience with a bad DJ. In the case of the latter, keep in mind that there are professional DJs who strive to make your event a success. Don’t let one bad experience jade you forever. If you’re considering the app for budgetary reasons, do a cost-benefit analysis before you make your final decision. Ask yourself the following questions.

Who will emcee the event?

Most big events need an emcee to help get the crowd’s attention and move the flow of the event along smoothly. For example, at a wedding reception, a professional DJ will often introduce the bridal party, announce the first dance, dismiss tables to the buffet line, and prepare the single ladies for the bouquet toss. Without a DJ, it will be left up to the host of the event to communicate these things instead of sitting back and enjoying the celebration. In short, an app can’t properly make announcements.

What equipment will you need?

When you hire a DJ, it’s understood that they will arrive with their own equipment: speakers, DJ controller, microphone, etc. If you use an app, you’ll have to commandeer your own equipment, transport it to the event venue, set it up, make sure it works, tear it down after the event, and reverse the process. Plugging your iPhone into an iHome just doesn’t cut the mustard for formal events. Besides, Aunt Nancy shouldn’t be allowed to speak into a microphone after her second glass of champagne.

What equivalent cost could you eliminate elsewhere?

Budgeting is about priorities. When you look at your event budget and compare items based on cost, you might change your mind about spending a little extra to hire a DJ. For example, if the cost of a DJ is equivalent to the cost of three table runners, which would you rather have? If the cost of a DJ is the same as the cost difference between having orchid bouquets and rose bouquets, which do you choose? Sometimes it helps to look at things side by side to determine where you could cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Do you have a set playlist?

If you have a set playlist of specific songs that are to be played in a specific order with few to no interruptions, the app might work for you. DJs work within requested genres of music and read the crowd to see what gets them most involved. If you have some song ideas and a couple of genres you enjoy, giving a DJ the freedom to create the playlist is often the better choice. Additionally, a DJ gives your guests the option of making requests.

Certain events, like weddings, shouldn’t be treated as just another Saturday. They should be special. The staff at Cutting Edge Entertainment understands that your event is something special, so they use their combination of training and experience to ensure the music at your event is handled professionally and remembered fondly.