Weddings are expensive. You have to prioritize what’s most important to you and allocate the biggest portion of your budget there. Do you want to cut back on spending in other places so you can hire one of our San Antonio wedding djs for your reception? Try these tips for saving money on your wedding flowers.

DIY bouquets

A short time before your rehearsal dinner, gather your bridesmaids and have a bouquet arranging party. Purchase your flowers in bulk from a grocery store or somewhere similar. Have florist’s tape, wire, pins, and ribbon or lace as well as an idea of what you’d like the bouquets to look like (maybe a sample to show). Work together to arrange the flowers and refrigerate them until the big day.

Single stem

Instead of having your bridesmaids carry an entire bouquet, have them carry a single, long-stemmed bud. It could be a sunflower, a red rose, or a lily. Single buds can be classically simple and beautiful, especially if the color contrasts with the fabric of the dresses.

Carry a collectible instead

Think outside of the box a bit by having your bridesmaids carry on piece of your collection instead of carrying flowers. For example, do you collect teapots or old Bibles? Give each bridesmaid one collectible to carry down the aisle to represent your passion.

Make fake flowers

It’s crazy how many cool ways there are to make fake flowers: old sheet music, book pages, tissue paper, and newspaper. Check Pinterest to see if you might want to craft your flowers instead of buying them. It’s an eco-friendly option, too.

Double-duty bouquets

If time is money, then DIY options may not be your preference. If that’s the case, make the most of the bouquets you purchase by having them second as centerpieces during the reception. Simply have vases placed on the tables ahead of time and instruct your bridesmaids to place their bouquets in a vase when they arrive at the reception.

Garden flowers

Instead of buying flowers from a florist, cut some from your garden or from the garden of a friend or family member with a green thumb. A word of caution if you choose this economic option: check for bugs. The last thing you want to happen during the ceremony is for a bridesmaid to scream because a bug crawled across her arm. Secondly, if you use roses from your garden, be sure to cut the thorns so nobody gets pricked.

Decorated venue

Thus far these tips have only addressed the flowers your bridesmaids carry. There’s been no mention of the flowers used to decorate the venue. Save money on the decorative flowers by choosing a venue that is pretty enough to not need any decoration. Whether it’s a botanic garden, an ocean overlook, or a church during the holidays after the hanging of the greens, you can save a considerable amount on décor when the venue is its own décor.

Now that you’ve cut costs with flowers, you have enough for that photo booth you’ve been eying. Give us a call to reserve it today.